AVN custom software case study example

Online accountancy questionnaire & resource planner

The new software was called OnTrack and was delivered as a web portal that could be accessed by any internet enabled device with an available connection. Interacting with AVN’s API, the software would retrieve the user’s ‘System Builder’ login details to verify access to this member-only site.

All other database activity, including the storing and retrieving of data, was also filtered through AVN’s API. BSPOKE Software worked closely with AVN’s IT staff to ensure all required database updates were correct and complete before each new software deliverable.

As for all AVN software, users could add new clients in OnTrack. The newly added client would then be visible to the relevant practice throughout any other tool that collectively makes up the AVN accountancy software suite.

AVN Demo

A fully editable questionnaire system was developed which gave AVN staff the ability to add questions with unlimited answers. These questionnaires could be modified later, to keep up with current trends and legislation. For each possible answer, users could add different wording in HTML format that would be used to populate various document sections, depending on the client’s answers.

We used HTML format so that staff could style the text to make it look professional. Accountants could then work through the questionnaire with their client to produce an onscreen action plan and a selection of documents.

Documents were produced by adding template documents, in Word format. When requested, these documents would appear and be populated with the wording associated with each answer that the client gave.

The word templates were tagged at specific points, allowing the software to know which data to add to each document and where. Working with the Aspose API, we were able to achieve manipulation of Word templates to produce the final documentation.

Software to identify & present opportunities to clients

Accountants were able to guide their clients through the questionnaire as set up by AVN employees which assisted the accountant to identify ways their client could make business improvements.

Once all questions were answered, accountants could instantly produce fully editable, pre-populated documents. These documents included a letter, a completed questionnaire, an action plan, and key improvements report. Accountants could then download the documents, print a hard copy to hand to their client, or save to email later.

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