Flight Plastics custom software case study example

What we delivered

We delivered a web portal that could be used by office staff from any location and on any device. The staff’s main responsibility is to processĀ  orders from receipt to delivery. The ability to schedule production and delivery of orders in parts, rather than as a whole, was also built into the system as this was frequently needed.

Flight Plastics Demo

At the factory level, we delivered a desktop app with touchscreen interface that ran on terminals, each showing a different production line, but with a feature allowing a choice of lines at any time. Factory operatives are now able to allocate the work across production lines and indicate how much has been produced at a given point with this information fed instantly back to the main office.

Flight Plastics Demo

An android app was created for the warehouse which used a barcode scanner to allocate a pallet or individual roll to a scheduled delivery, making adding to deliveries a ‘point and click’ exercise. As wi-fi was not always available in the warehouse area, updates were saved locally and then transferred to the main database once wi-fi was re-established.

The results

Security was tightened, as staff members were only allowed access to relevant areas of the system due to the role-based permission system we created. Factory operatives were automatically logged out after a period of time due to inactivity which meant they could continue to view screens but would have to log in once again to edit or modify data, thus minimising the risk of a user making modifications using another user’s details.

Overall production increased as staff were able to schedule and monitor orders more efficiently in the office. The touchscreen terminal interface software made it easier for operatives to update what had been produced. Warehouse staff found they no longer had to redo work which had been a frequent problem when wi-fi wasn’t available under their old system.

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