VegPro bespoke software case study

A desktop application to grow with the business

As with most manufacturing industries, downtime costs money, so it was imperative we delivered a reliable solution. We delivered a desktop application which was hosted on-premises and backed up to remote servers every hour. The application was installed on specially supplied computers at their factory so that data could be captured at various key points in the process.

The system implemented solutions to the most common EPR problems such as goods in and out and stock management, but with the added complexity of dealing with agrifood related issues, such as goods expiry and material grading.

Vegpro Demo

Reaping the results now and in future

VegPro implemented the new system seamlessly and were soon seeing the benefits of a bespoke system. Our software was capable of not only providing realtime reporting for auditing, but also improved material wastage by implementing first in-first out (FIFO) stock management.

Months after the initial deployment of the system, VegPro decided to take their bespoke system further by implementing custom algorithms into the system to manage the cooling time of incoming goods. These new processes further improved factory efficiency. The new system allowed VegPro to complete their next BRC audit in record time, without the headache of having to dig out paper records from archives.

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Vegpro Demo