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Beverley Baker

BSPOKE Software - Software developers examining a legacy software system.

Legacy software: the end of the road

As we enter into the new year, it’s time to consider whether it’s the end of the road for your company’s legacy software. While some businesses are keen to hang on to it for as long as possible, the time has now come to move on for most companies.

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Software as a Service: What are SaaS companies

When looking for a new software as a service solution for your business, you’ll no doubt come across SaaS companies. These companies offer a variety of services for businesses of all types. So, this article will explain what SaaS is, and how it may benefit your business. Keep reading!

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BSPOKE software - Company owner sufftering some of common software development problems

6 Software development problems you should avoid

If you are planning to take on a new bespoke software development project this year, it’s important to avoid the top software development problems.  These issues can crop up at any time, but by learning about the top issues in advance, you’ll be far more likely to avoid them.

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BSPOKE software - Graphic showing a software engineer to represent a software development partner

Software development partner vs outsourcing a project

While some companies want to outsource this project entirely, others feel much more comfortable with working with a software development partner. As a business owner, you might be wondering what the best route to take is when it comes to planning a software development project.  Let’s take a look at both of these options to help you select the one that’s right for your business this year. 

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BSPOkE software - construction of a custom software project and using white-box and black-box methods for testing

White-box and black-box testing: which is best?

We’ve spoken before about how critical testing is at the end of any software development project. Software testing is something you should never skip after months of hard work. However, when presented with the choice of white-box testing and black-box testing, you might be wondering which is the best option for your project. 

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