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Lead Fee

We’ll contact your lead and if they agree to a meeting, we’ll confirm your lead fee.



As soon as we’ve met with the referred business we’ll cough up the cash!


You can earn, when you refer to us!

If you’re an IT infrastructure supplier or a current customer of ours, why not refer our bespoke software services to your clients or contacts?

Our referral programme is quick, easy and a fabulous way to get some extra money in the bank! We’ll pay you for every lead that results in a meeting with the referred party, even if they don’t go ahead with commissioning any software.

We specialise in building bespoke software for business, so our target market are companies who would benefit from their own customized software system or mobile applications.  Through previous business dealings, you may already know clients who have expressed an interest. If that is the case then give us a call today, to get the ball rolling!

With over a decade of experience helping businesses, you can be sure that any referral to BSPOKE Software makes great business sense for everyone.

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