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Maximise efficiency and productivity with business computer applications designed uniquely for your company

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Software technology
that you control.
Workflows built
for your business.
No license fees
per-user, ever!
Software that scales
with expansion.
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We guide you all the way! From initial consultation, to final release

Developing quality affordable applications for businesses for over a decade, our development team can be relied as a partner to develop your business technology. We can digitally transform your business with individually tailored software to meet all your unique company requirements.

We don't just build business software

Unlike generic software, which is a one size fits all approach to technology, we take the time to get to know you, your business and your team. This enables us to digitally transform you business with computer software, business databases, mobile apps and web applications that meets all your business needs.

When you business expands, your software can scale

Growth in your business is great but can lead to having to find alternate or additional applications for your company, to cover new areas of expansion. This is no longer a problem when your employ a bespoke software solution. These applications are scalable allowing for changes and new feature whenever required.

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The proof

(is in the pudding)

AVN a small business, approached us to develop a new web portal with business database, that accountants could use to identify and present opportunities to their clients. We developed a web application with a suite of questionnaires for accountants to complete with their clients. The system would then automatically generate up to 6 lengthy reports which the accountant could print manually or digitally.

“Having spent and wasted so much money in the past on software development companies, BSPOKE software have been a breath of fresh air. The team a BSPOKE have really understood our wants and needs and created exactly what we needed. Our software comprises some very complex functionality in many cases and yet they were able to accommodate all of our needs.  I highly recommend them.”

– Shane Lukas, Managing Director, AVN – Inspiring Accountants

Business applications for all industries

Bespoke software can be developed for all industries, as it is designed to uniquely fit the needs of an individual company. Below are just a sample of industries where our computer applications has digitally transformed businesses to increase productivity and maximise efficiency.


Ensure your clients’ accounts are secure, with bespoke software.


From factory floor to final delivery, custom software can track it all the way.

Health and Safety

Build a case and keep compliant with bespoke legal applications.

Local Government

Manage all your departments from education to highways.

BSPOKE Software is a software company that builds custom software, bespoke software, business software and is a software consultancy.

Digitally transform your Business by partnering with BSPOKE Software!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQs about custom business software.

The IP will belong to you, as you will own your software and that includes the intellectual property rights. This means you will be free to do what you like with your software including: sharing, distributing, selling or even licensing it yourself to other companies, if you wish.

We will develop your computer software from our head office, which is based in Peterbrough UK. Our head office is where our development team is housed and this allows us to monitor quality and ensure your requirements are communicated effectively. At BSPOKE Software we build all our software in-house and we never outsource our work to other companies or countries.

Your software can run in-house or we can host it on the cloud, for you. We have found most of our clients' prefer the 'peace of mind' that goes along with allowing us to host it for them. Hosting with us also enables our development teams to monitor your applications and swiftly deal with any issues that may arise.

Access to your new custom software solution, will be granted on a per user basis. We develop all our software solutions and business databases with a secure permissions system that is manageable by you and senior members of your team. Security is important, but so is having the flexibility to grant and deny permissions whenever it is required.

Yes you can. A bespoke computer software system will be designed and developed to be easily adapted to meet the growing needs of your business. Custom software is built initially to meet your current business requirements. In the future, if those requirements change, new features can be added or modifications can be made to existing features to accommodate them.

Yes, we can develop you a bespoke tailor-made CRM or ERP system for your business. Many of our customers come to us with this requirement. After lengthy investigations of generic "off-the-shelf" CRM or ERP systems they find that some of their requirements are covered but not all. This leads them to the realisation that a custom CRM or ERP system is the optimal solution for their business.

As a bespoke software partner we have worked with all business sizes. Through our experience we have found a digital transformation with a custom software solution to be beneficial and affordable for small businesses right through to large enterprises. Whether you require a desktop application, web portal business database or mobile app,  a custom software solution is scalable and can grow inline with your business.

BSPOKE Software can develop for most digital platforms available today. Currently most businesses require that applications can be accessed from anywhere, so web apps and web portals are at the forefront of technological strategies for business transformation. This is closely followed by mobile apps. These are an ideal solution for giving quick and easy access to your customers. BSPOKE software are happy to develop both Android and iOS applications. Although it's not so popular nowadays, we can also develop applications that are installed and run directly onto desktop computers.