Amosite bespoke software case study

Online portal for asbestos management

We chose to develop a web portal for Amosite as this avoided having to install additional software and would be easily accessible by both staff and customers – as long as they had an internet connection and internet enabled devices such as a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

A fine-grained permission system was implemented to ensure that access was only granted to users who had the rights to view and/or modify the data. For security, customers were only allowed to view their own data and staff were given various levels of access, depending on their role within the company.

Amosite Demo

A welcome dashboard gave staff the ability to find and view customer surveys and management plans quickly but for customers, they would be immediately presented with their own information.

Amosite Demo

Faster turnaround times, increased customer satisfaction

Once the new system was in place, Amosite experienced the profound benefits of faster turnaround times for the production of surveys and management plans. Proofreading became unnecessary as the production of documents was automated and used standard templates and validation to ensure legal compliance.

With the ability to access the software anywhere, staff were no longer confined to working purely in the office. Home working was now possible when required and the inspectors, who are often on the road, could therefore access data when needed without having to return to the office.

Allowing customers instant access to their own data and the faster turnaround for producing documents all contributed to an improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

Amosite said: “The system is consistently praised by our clients for its functionality and is ever evolving.”

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