TEKA custom software case study example

Scheduling of cleaning and repair jobs made easier

It was decided that a desktop application would be the ideal solution for TEKA Services, as it wasn’t to be used by customers and could easily be installed on the existing office machines. As many jobs were repeated at regular intervals, it was very important to the owner of TEKA that staff wouldn’t have to add each future appointment individually. We therefore provided users with the ability to state the interval for repeat appointments and how many recurrences would be required, so the system could automatically add them to the database.

Automatic calculations were carried out and displayed as users entered the data, meaning they could instantly see when appointments were fully booked, how many employees would be working on the job and how many hours would be needed to be allocated. The system also held details of each job, warned users when they hadn’t allowed enough travel time and provided different views of the same data, including a calendar and scheduler.


Reports were available so that management could have an overview of the financials for each job and how much each employee should be paid without the need to get their calculator out, at the end of the month.

Improved efficiency, better accuracy and communication

TEKA office staff found that scheduling work was more efficient and less error prone than their old software solution. They found that they were able to see who was booked on what job and when, by using different views of the data. The ability to automatically create a schedule for an employee and email it to that employee via the system was also of great benefit..


The drag-and-drop nature of the scheduler and the ability to see when cleaners were available meant the procedure for scheduling work was speeded up. All changes were reflected in the calendar view, enabling staff to schedule the work daily and then switch to see a weekly overview.

Management were quickly able to get an overview of how much each job was generating with payday and month-ends becoming far less time-consuming. The integrated user-permission system ensured that users would only see what management needed them to.

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