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Bespoke software can transform your company, increase productivity and maximise efficiency

Bespoke software for Teka, shown on a laptop and phone screen, built by a custom software company
Your Software so
you own the IP.
Workflows that suit
your processes.
Licensing fees are a
thing of the past!
Scalable with your
company's growth.
Cleaning products representing a software company creating bespoke software for a cleaning company
Screenshot of custom software for a cleaning company developed by a software company
BSPOKE Software - Employees cleaning an office who had bespoke software developed by a software company

We can guide you all the way from first consultation to going live

As a custom software company we have the experience and team to ensure your software journey will be a success. We’re here to ensure the product you desire is the one you will receive.

Building software is not the only thing we do

As your digital partner, we will start with an initial consultation where we work with you to get to know your business, your team and yourself.   From here we can design and implement a tailored software solution, that is as unique as your business is.

Bespoke software scales as your company expands

Future changes and business growth are easily accomodated within a custom software system. New features and modifications can be added as and when required so your software always remains inline with your current workflows and processes. You are in control of your updates and are free to add new elements whenever you need them

Screenshots of cleaning company software, developed by a bespoke software company
The proof

(is in the pudding)

TEKA Services came to us with a set of requirements that were quite specific. They required a software solution that could store all information related to a job. We delivered a software system that allowed TEKA to easily assign cleaners to appointments, schedule and repeat subsequent appointments, monitor and track all financials and calculate employees’ wages at the end of the month.

“We tried looking for off-the-shelf software, but none of them worked the way we wanted. Our software developed by BSPOKE Software does exactly what we need it to, and it cost less than we thought it would. The ongoing support provided by the team has been great, and it’s reassuring knowing that BSPOKE Software are there when we need them for any problems we have.”

– Kenan Kama, Managing Director, TEKA Services LTD.

Bespoke software is customised for your industry

As an experienced custom software company, BSPOKE Software has worked within many different industry sectors. We have brought software solutions to many companies in various industries some of which are shown below.


Book and keep track of all your appointments to provide a reliable service.


Know where your drivers are at all times, with location tracking.


Schedule your workload, track your resources, and run those reports.


A reliable software system provides the best customer service.

BSPOKE Software is a software company that builds custom software, bespoke software, business software and is a software consultancy.

A software company you can rely on.

Start your journey today! Give us a call or send us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQs about bespoke software and our software company.

The IP will be owned by you. At BSPOKE Software we always grant the intellectual property rights to you, the client who commissioned the software. This is not always the case with all custom software development companies and is never the case when you purchase ready-made software.

Your new bespoke software system will be made in the UK. Our head office is in Peterborough and it is also home to our development team. We build all our software in-house and we never outsource our work to other software companies. To maintain the quality and accuracy of your custom software we think it is essential to work directly with our design and development teams.

Most of our clients choose for their software to run in the cloud and be hosted by us. This gives them the 'peace of mind' of knowing we can monitor their applications for them and gives us easy access to deal with any issues that may arise. However you are free to host the software and data in-house if you wish, but this will mean you will need to provide hardware and you will be responsible for maintianing it.

You will be able to choose who can access your software, as we always provide a permission system that you can easily manage. How fine-grained this system will be is entirely up to you and what best meets your business needs. Access wil be granted on a per user basis and you will be able to restrict the areas of access and also abilities, if required.

Yes, changes to your software can be made, as and when you need them. Custom software is tailored to meet the needs of your business at the time it is released. However, most businesses are aiming to grow. So, at BSPOKE Software we build all our software systems with that in mind. We will develop your software so it can easily be adapted to meet any new requirements.