A Software consultation involves Meeting you and your team Getting to know your business Exploring your workflows Understanding your processes Discussing your options

We offer a free no obligation software consultation and it starts with a phone call. 

Discuss your
software options.
Transform your
Custom software
gives you control.
Scale your software
inline with growth.

From initial consultation to release we will guide you all the way

Your new custom software project starts with a software consultation, where our consultant will thoroughly explore your company’s processes, industry and what you would like your new system to achieve.

Developing software and relationships with our clients

We believe it is important, to not only get to know your business but also build a relationship with you and your team too. This enables us to design and develop the perfect software solution and lets you stay in control.

Update your software as and when required

Once your custom software is deployed and ready to use, you can still make changes. As your business grows, new features or modifications can be easily added to ensure your software is always up-to-date with your current needs.

The proof

(is in the pudding)

Due to the nature of their business, Amosite an asbestos management system had to produce many lengthy reports in various set formats to comply with asbestos regulations. They wanted a software solution that could produce these documents swiftly and accurately. We delivered a custom software system that was web-based with pdf document creation. Amosite later decided to expand their project and we developed a tablet application for their inspectors to use. Data could be shared by office staff and inspectors who work ‘in the field’ as all applications shared a central data store.

“BSPOKE Software were responsible for designing and building our asbestos management system. The system is consistently praised by our clients for its functionality and it is ever evolving, thanks to BSPOKE’s commitment to our development as a company. I would like to thank BSPOKE Software for their ongoing support and professionalism.”

– Paul Thompson, Managing Director, Amosite Ltd.

Custom software is tailored to your business and industry

A software consultation does not just involve understanding your business. Our software consultant will also investigate your industry sector to ensure elements specific to your industry will also be taken into account.

Health and Safety

Report accidents, print documents and ensure compliancy.

Local Government

Custom software can be tailored to all departments.


Transform your customer service, with online appointment booking.


Control your fleet with integrated vehicle tracking.

BSPOKE Software is a software company that builds custom software, bespoke software, business software and is a software consultancy.

It all starts with a software consultation.

Call and book your free, no obligation consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQs about business custom software development 

One of the benefits of custom software is that the IP will be owned by you. This means that once your software has been fully developed and paid for, you can do what you like with it. If you have any concerns or questions about these rights please bring them up with your consultant in your initial consultation.

BSPOKE software develops all its software within the UK and we never outsource our work to other countries. We like to ensure that high development standards are maintained, so most or our development teams are based in our Peterborough office.

Your software will normally run and be located on servers within the cloud. Hosting within the cloud and allowing us to manage your applications, means that changes and updates can be deployed faster. If you wish though, we can deploy your software to your own server. However, this may delay software updates and incur more deployment costs.

Access to your software will be granted to only those people you wish to have it. All our custom software solutions have built in permission and access customisation. This allows you and members of your senior team to easily control which users can view, edit and delete your data. You can discuss options for access controls with your consultant at your initial consultation.

Once your software is live, you can request changes to be made anytime. We've found however, most of our clients do not have a need for this in the first year or so. However, companies grow; branch in to other areas and have to keep up with industry legislation. Therefore, all our custom software systems are built to be easily adapted to changes, when they are required.