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Transform your business with a custom software solution that’s as unique as your company is.

Software built
to scale.
You own your
software's IP.
No licensing
fees to pay.
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Our team will guide you from your free consultation to final release

The BSPOKE Software team has over a decade of experience developing and delivering reliable custom software systems. Tailored to your business needs our bespoke software solutions are as unique as your company is.

Delivering more than just software

From the initial consultation, our team will aim to get to know you, your business and your industry’s domain. This allows us to thoroughly understand your business processes and your company’s workflows. From there we can design a software solution, that’s specific to your individual company requirements.

Custom software can grow as your business does

Unlike generic or ‘off-the-shelf” business software, modifications and additions after your software’s release are under your control. As your business expands so can your software, negating the need to invest in a new software system when/if your business expands or changes.

The proof

(is in the pudding)

Due to the nature of their business, Amosite (an asbestos management company) had to produce many lengthy reports that complied with current asbestos regulations. We delivered a custom software system that was web-based and allowed clients to log in to view and print their own documents from anywhere. Amosite later expanded the project and we developed an Android tablet application for use by their inspectors. Data could be shared by office staff and inspectors ‘in the field’ as all applications used a central database.

“BSPOKE Software were responsible for designing and building our asbestos management system. The system is consistently praised by our clients for its functionality and is ever evolving, thanks to BSPOKE’s commitment to our development as a company. I would like to thank BSPOKE Software for their ongoing support and professionalism.”

– Paul Thompson
Managing Director, Amosite

Where custom software can thrive

Custom software is made to maximise the efficiency of any business, no matter what industry it is in. Processes, workflows and operations where possible are automated, to increase productivity and eliminate human error. See some of the industries that can thrive with a custom software solution.

Heath and Safety

Print legal documentation that complies with industry regulations.


Great customer service can be acheived with custom software.


Track and schedule all your job’s resources, such as labour and plant.


Manage your clients’ accounts with software you can rely on.

BSPOKE Software is a software company that builds custom software, bespoke software, business software and is a software consultancy.

A custom software solution can transform your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQs about Custom Software.

The intellectual property rights (IP) will be owned by you, as you commissioned and paid for the software. This is not the case when you purchase ready-made business software. In that case, the developers will own the IP. Owning the IP means you can do what you like with your software, giving you control over updates and additions.

As BSPOKE Software are located in the UK, your software will be developed there. Most of our developers are based in our head office at Peterborough, close to but slightly East of the center of England. Unlike some software development companies, we never outsource our work to other companies or abroad. Our development and creative teams are all employed by us.

Your software will run where you choose it to. However, most of our clients like us to host it on there behalf in the cloud. However, if you already have a server infrastructure in place, we will be happy to accomodate this. Please feel free to discuss your options at your initial consultation.

Your new custom software system will be built so you can allocate who can access it. We build security into all our software with the means for you to control who has access to your system. Further to this, if you wish, we can also add permissions, which will allow you to customise what each user can do once they are logged in. How fine grained the permission system is, will be entirely up to you.

Yes, changes to your software can be made in the form of updates. As with most businesses at some stage they will wish to expand and custom software is uniquely built to allow for this. As your business grows, additions and modification can be made to your software to accomodate all changes within your business, legislation and industry sector.