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The BSPOKE Software team boasts over a decade of expertise in developing and delivering dependable, customized software systems. Our bespoke software solutions are meticulously crafted to align precisely with your business requirements, ensuring they are as unique as your company is.

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From the outset, our team seeks to understand your business, industry, processes, and workflows in the initial consultation. With this knowledge, we can design a tailored software solution specific to your company’s needs.

Custom software can grow as your business does

In contrast to generic or off-the-shelf business software, you have full control over modifications and additions to your software post-release. This adaptability allows your software to grow alongside your business, eliminating the necessity for investing in a new system as your business expands or evolves.

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Custom Web Portal and Mobile Software Solution for the Asbestos Sector

Following the comprehensive ban on asbestos usage in 1999, the tasks of asbestos elimination and detection have taken on heightened significance. Our spotlighted client, Amosite, has emerged as a leading authority in the domain of asbestos management. They play a crucial role in upholding safety and legal compliance for both businesses and residential clients.

In order to facilitate compliant management and inspections, we designed a web-based software solution along with an offline tablet application for field personnel. This technology has significantly enhanced their ability to maintain rigorous asbestos management practices and inspections.

Amosite - Full Case Study

Explore the dynamic partnership we forged with Amosite, leveraging custom software and cutting-edge technology to drive a successful solution for the asbestos industry, yielding notable outcomes.

Amosite, experts in asbestos management, serve both business and residential clients, guiding them to comply with asbestos regulations. Their services include inspections, management plans, and the creation of legal documents, ensuring their customers remain in accordance with current legislation. Amosite needed an efficient way to generate and store these critical documents while prioritizing standardization, accessibility, and speed.

To address Amosite's needs, we designed a user-friendly web portal. This portal eliminated the need for software installation and allowed access via internet-enabled devices, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring accessibility for both staff and customers. We also implemented a meticulous permission system, safeguarding data access and modification rights based on the user's role, enhancing data security.

A welcoming dashboard streamlined document retrieval for staff, while customers gained immediate access to their information upon login. Automation and standardized templates ensured the production of compliant documents, significantly reducing proofreading and errors.

The introduction of the tablet app, with its capability for offline work and automatic synchronization upon reconnecting to the internet, provided a streamlined solution for field inspectors. This allowed them to effortlessly create reports on the go.

The introduction of the web portal yielded significant benefits for Amosite. This system led to expedited turnaround times for surveys and management plans, as documents were automated and conformed to standardized templates, ensuring legal compliance. Staff gained the flexibility to access the software from any location with internet connectivity, liberating them from office constraints.

By offering clients immediate access to their data and with accelerated document production, there was an evident enhancement in overall customer satisfaction.

The subsequent inclusion of the tablet app, enabling offline work and automatic synchronization upon returning to an internet-enabled location, empowered field inspectors to seamlessly input data while on the move. This eliminated the need to manually record inspection results on paper.

Our custom software solution revolutionized Amosite's operations, allowing them to efficiently generate and manage critical asbestos-related documents. The web portal's accessibility and fine-grained permission system not only improved security but also facilitated flexibility in work arrangements for staff. Whilst the tablet app made a significant reduction in inspector workload and office administration.

The comprehensive transformation in document management and accessibility positively impacted customer satisfaction, demonstrating the profound effect that tailored software solutions can have on regulatory compliance and overall operational efficiency.

“BSPOKE Software were responsible for designing and building our asbestos management system. The system is consistently praised by our clients for its functionality and is ever evolving, thanks to BSPOKE’s commitment to our development as a company. I would like to thank BSPOKE Software for their ongoing support and professionalism.”

P.T.  - Amosite


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Custom software is made to maximise the efficiency of any business, no matter what industry it is in. Processes, workflows and operations where possible are automated, to increase productivity and eliminate human error. See some of the industries that can thrive with a custom software solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions about custom software and its' development. For more generalized questions please visit our FAQs page.

Custom software development involves creating tailored software solutions to meet specific business needs. You may need it to address unique challenges, improve operational efficiency, or gain a competitive advantage by having software designed specifically for your requirements.

We offer a wide range of custom software solutions, including web applications, mobile apps, database systems, enterprise software, e-commerce platforms, and more. Our team can design and build software for various purposes and industries.

The cost of a custom software project depends on factors like project scope, complexity, features, technology stack, and your specific requirements. We can provide cost estimates after a thorough project assessment. 

Project timelines vary based on project complexity and scope. We work closely with clients to establish realistic timelines, with projects typically ranging from several months to a year or more, ensuring efficient and effective development.

Absolutely, we have experience in integrating custom software with various third-party systems and APIs to enhance functionality and ensure seamless connectivity within your business ecosystem.