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Custom Software and Digital Transformation Solutions:
Your Questions Answered

At BSPOKE Software, we understand that choosing a digital transformation partner/software development company is a significant decision. We value transparency and want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Here we address some of the most common enquiries our clients have. Whether you’re a prospective client exploring our services or an existing client seeking clarity, our goal is to provide comprehensive answers to your questions.

We appreciate your interest in BSPOKE Software and hope that this FAQ page proves to be a valuable resource as you navigate through your digital transformation and/or custom software development journey.

General Questions

Comprehensive FAQs: Unlocking insights across all business aspects.


Data security is a top priority for us, and we take several stringent measures to ensure the safety of your sensitive information. We rigorously adhere to industry best practices, conduct regular security audits, and employ encryption and access controls to safeguard your data at every stage.


BSPOKE Software boasts a rich history of collaboration across diverse industries, encompassing manufacturing, healthcare, finance, construction, and numerous others. We tailor our expertise to align with the distinct requirements and regulations of each sector. To explore a glimpse of the industries we've successfully served, we invite you to visit our dedicated Industries page. From there, you can dive deeper into various sectors.


Yes, we offer cloud hosting services to accommodate your software applications. Hosting in the cloud provides several advantages, including flexibility, accessibility, and scalability. It allows your software to be securely stored and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, which enhances convenience and collaboration.

Our cloud hosting solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your projects. Whether you require high availability, reliable storage, or the capability to scale resources as your business grows.


Most of your project work will primarily take place at our Peterborough Head Office in the UK, where our development and creative teams are located. The advantage of having our in-house development team is the ability to closely monitor quality and effectively convey your requirements to our developers.

However, when it comes to digital transformation projects, there may be a greater need for on-site visits to your premises, depending on the nature of the work we are undertaking.


Enterprises of varying sizes and across diverse industry sectors recognize the value of digital transformation and custom software. A shared trait among them all is the ambition to undergo a comprehensive business transformation to gain a competitive edge.


We are a digital transformation specialist, dedicated to revolutionizing businesses through strategic technology and software applications, with a focus on boosting productivity and optimizing efficiency. Our clients frequently embark on a full-fledged technological transformation, aiming to harness custom software solutions meticulously aligned with their unique needs and workflows.

In the domain of tailor-made software development, our approach centers on iteration for optimal outcomes. Accordingly, we primarily operate on an hourly rate basis. As of October 2023, our rate stands at £60 an hour, per software developer.


Emphasizing digital transformation is our core focus, and as a result, we typically do not provide our development services on a fixed-price basis. Our primary clientele comprises businesses committed to advancing their technology to new heights through long-term investments in custom software solutions. Achieving the level of customization and alignment required for such transformation is often challenging within the constraints of fixed-price arrangements.

Nevertheless, when it comes to software projects in which we possess substantial expertise, we may consider providing a fixed-price quotation. These projects typically encompass areas such as CRM, ERP, and MRP systems. Feel free to contact one of our team members to commence this conversation.


After your software is deployed and actively in use, we offer continuous maintenance and support services to ensure the smooth operation of your software. We provide a range of support packages tailored to your specific needs, along with comprehensive hosting services for your software, web portal, and databases.

As your business expands, so can your software. Future development can be requested whenever you require it. All of these services are designed to keep your software up-to-date, secure, and fully functional as your business grows.

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Software Questions

Essential FAQs: Navigating software solutions.


You retain ownership of the intellectual property (IP) for your custom software, granting you the freedom to distribute it as you see fit. In contrast, traditional off-the-shelf software leaves you with limited rights over its usage and ownership. Custom software solutions empower you to determine how, when, and by whom your intellectual property is employed.


Absolutely, you have the flexibility to make adjustments to your software as it's uniquely tailored to suit your precise requirements. This eliminates the need to repeatedly purchase additional or alternative software every time your business experiences growth or changes. Instead, new features and alterations can be applied to your custom software system anytime they are required or desired.


Access to your software is exclusively determined by your choices. Our systems prioritize security, allowing you to customize access and abilities for each user individually. You have the flexibility to grant view-only permissions to some users and provide others with the ability to modify or delete content. You have complete control over the fine-tuning of access and permissions for your application.


One of the most frequently requested types of third-party software for integration includes accounting packages, such as Sage, Xero, and Quickbooks, among others. Another commonly integrated solution is vehicle tracking software, like Fleetmatics.

Third-party integration proves highly advantageous, especially when your employees are already proficient with a specific software package. This not only saves training time but also results in cost savings.

In most cases, third-party software providers offer APIs for seamless integration. However, if an API is not available, alternative solutions may be explored if the third-party application is essential to your business.


We have a team of proficient developers experienced in creating software for a wide array of platforms. Our expertise spans from crafting cloud-based web portals and desktop applications to mobile phone and tablet apps. We can develop for Android, iOS, or both on the mobile front, depending on your specific needs.


From our recent client engagements, we've found that web portals have emerged as the favored option. They deliver the key benefit of accessibility from anywhere, as long as the device has internet connectivity.

Moreover, web portals alleviate the necessity of installing software on individual devices, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple versions for various devices. Software updates can be seamlessly performed remotely. In many cases, this choice also proves to be the most cost-effective solution.


While we do not have a dedicated page for case studies, they can be found throughout our website. On the home page, we feature video case study for a construction company. Each industry page includes concise case study relevant to the industry.

More extensive case studies can be located on the following pages: custom software, custom ERP software, and digital transformation.


Your software deployment options are versatile, including both cloud-based and in-house solutions. While some clients may already have the infrastructure in place to accommodate their new software system, the majority of our clients opt for our cloud hosting services.

These cloud hosting services streamline software management on your behalf. This comprehensive service not only covers software management but also provides the advantage of hassle-free software updates. This eliminates the need for manual installations, ensuring a convenient and seamless experience for our clients

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