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Computers and laptops and developers working on them demonstrating the definition of bespoke software.

Definition of Bespoke Software – A Comprehensive Guide

The definition of bespoke software is clear: it is custom-developed to meet the unique needs of a specific company, organisation, or individual. The development process begins only after extensive discussions with the client and a thorough exploration into their business requirements and goals. This approach ensures the final product is perfectly aligned with the client’s needs.

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Why Your Business Needs a Custom Website Portal

One of the most powerful innovations in custom software is the website portal, consolidating information into a unified, user-friendly interface accessible from any device and from any location with internet access. Making it the most versatile software for any workplace.

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BSPOKE Software - Photo showing a tablet with propriety software running on it.

Proprietary software: advantages and disadvantages

Most of us rely on proprietary software on a daily basis for our work. This software is obtained by purchasing a software license, so you don’t have the full rights to your software.  When compared to bespoke software solutions, you’ll find there are both advantages and disadvantages of proprietary software.  

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BSPOKE Software - Photo of paper prototypes for a custom software solution, illustrating app prototyping.

App prototyping: can you do it yourself?

If you’ve been thinking about designing a new app for your business in 2022, the first step is app prototyping. Many companies are tempted to save time or money during the process by taking on this task themselves. Today we’re going to discover whether app prototyping is worth doing alone or if it’s best to leave this job to the professionals.

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Graphic shows a developer coding Bespoke Software examples  

6 Bespoke Software examples

When considering whether you want to work with a software development company, it’s important to look at examples of their past work.  In this article, we’re

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