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6 Software development problems you should avoid

If you are planning to take on a new bespoke software development project this year, it’s important to avoid the top software development problems.  These issues can crop up at any time, but by learning about the top issues in advance, you’ll be far more likely to avoid them.

Today we’re going to discover six of the top software development problems.  If you work with BSPOKE Software we will strive to avoid all of these issues to bring your vision to life. 

1) A lack of communication is a big software development problem

The number one reason we see software development projects break down is a lack of communication. Everyone working on the project needs to show dedication to make this work. Our team will make sure we know how to get in contact with you and key stakeholders from day one. If we have a question, this makes it easier to get a timely and correct answer. 

It’s sometimes best to avoid getting too many people involved in the project in the early stages. This often leads to software development problems due to miscommunication.

It is also a good idea to make sure regular updates are sent, to everyone who’s involved in the work so that they know what stage your project is at currently. 

2) A lack of testing

Without a doubt, the majority of software development problems occur due to a lack of testing. You can tell when a piece of software lacks testing, as it usually has many bugs and issues. While it might seem like a good idea to release your product into the world as soon as possible, never forfeit testing. You’ll find that this increases the chance of bugs and user complaints in the future. 

Our team will always add testing into the timeline for your project. Continuous testing is a good idea to catch software development problems early on. We can report any issues we find to your team and work with you to find the right solution to these issues. 

3) Using new technology prematurely is a common software development problem

While it can be exciting to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology ideas, you’ll find that sometimes it’s too risky in the early stages. When new technology isn’t fully tested and commonly used, there’s less information available about it.  You’ll find that new technology is a great way to remain competitive, but only when effectively used. Keep this in mind when coming up with new and innovative ideas for your company. 

Our team likes to remain on top of the current trends and technology to avoid software development problems. We find that some new technology is just a trend, and we usually try to avoid this for long-term projects. By finding reliable technology that will last for years to come, we can be sure that you get the results you desire from our collaboration. 

4) Only focusing on the bigger parts of the project

Underestimating the scope of a project is a common software development problem. Sadly, companies are constantly doing this, which leads to the failure of a project.  

Overlooking the smaller but crucial features of your project can leave you with many issues further down the line. We recommend working with our team to discuss every one of the assets for your work. The more time we can spend in the planning process, the less likely this will be an issue. 

5 )Poor scheduling

A huge part of keeping on track with a software development project is scheduling. No matter what type of methodology we use for software development, we need to keep a strict timeline. You’ll find that this allows everyone to remain on the same page about the work. 

Our team will do everything we can to stay on track with the project. From there, we’ll keep in touch with you at regular intervals. By offering frequent updates to your team, you’ll know when you can release the software to the general public. 

At the start of our time working together, we’ll try to understand your expectations and timeline. We know that you might be in a rush to launch, so we’ll see what’s best for both of us.  From there, we’ll create a timeline with goals to achieve by certain dates. Of course, we may run into software development problems along the way. However, you’ll be the first to know if there is a delay or any issue with completing the work on time. 

6) Not focusing on the end-user

Even if you think you have the world’s greatest idea in mind, you need to focus on your end-user and customer’s expectations. When you neglect to think about who will use your software, you are setting yourself up for software development problems.  Even if you think certain features would be beneficial, you’ll find that they aren’t useful if they won’t be used by your target audience. Take the time to conduct market research and ensure you are on the same page as your end-user from day one. 

Many companies get carried away with new technology and ideas that they end up overcomplicating their software. Users are looking for easy to use and innovative software that will be an effective addition to their work or personal life.  Don’t get too caught up in futuristic features or ideas that your software becomes unusable. Keep the end-user in mind throughout testing, and you’ll be sure to avoid the most common software development problems. 

To summarise software development problems 

As you can see, there are plenty of potential issues to keep in mind during software development. For that reason, we recommend working with a team of professionals from day one of your next project.  

Our team is happy to work on custom software development projects of all shapes and sizes and from any industry. We’ll keep all of these top software development problems in mind and ensure we don’t encounter any of them during our work.  

Contact us today for more information and to start working on building your new software this year. 


BSPOKE software - Company owner sufftering some of common software development problems
BSPOKE software - Company owner sufftering some of common software development problems

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