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6 Bespoke Software examples

When considering whether you want to work with a software development company, it’s important to look at examples of their past work.  In this article, we’re going to showcase six of the top bespoke software examples from our portfolio of work.  

We hope these will give you a good idea of how we can help your company. We’ll be happy to work with you on any software development project to create a modern and exciting solution for your business. 

Best Bespoke Software examples

1) Leicester City Council

Our team works with businesses operating in any industry. For example, City and county councils are always looking for ways to become more efficient.  

Our work with Leicester City Council for their Job Costing desktop application is a great example of this type of work. This software was developed specifically for their highways department. It replaced a previous application that needed Microsoft Access installed to work. 

They also needed a more modern solution that offered all of the tools that their employees required on a daily basis. Instead of purchasing another off-the-shelf solution that would also expire at some point, we developed this solution instead.  This was a large job for our team, who took on the challenge to create an effective solution for their team. 

2) Sweet Causes Ltd

One of the top reasons that many companies opt to review our bespoke software examples is to find an alternative for paper processes.  Sweet Causes were using spreadsheets to track their work when we first met them. This was holding them back from expanding their operations.  It’s a common issue we notice with many businesses. However, thanks to a new customised desktop application, this was all about to change.  

This software could be downloaded from anywhere, and all you would need is the link to get started. Collectors and canvassers would also receive a new Android and iOS app, which would help to make their work much more efficient. By going digital, the company now has the chance to expand its operations in the upcoming years.

3) Flight Plastics UK (now known as Sharpak Romsey)

With more companies adopting remote working, Sharpak Romsey is a great bespoke software example for you to consider.  We created a new web portal for their team. This could be used by their office staff from anywhere in the world. They can also access it on any device, making working on the go easier than ever.

The staff at Sharpak Romsey need to process orders from the initial order to delivery.  We built features into the system which allowed them to schedule part delivery where needed. This means the company could offer better customer service and avoid major delays.  With so many supply chain issues within many industries currently, we believe this is something that many businesses could benefit from.

4) VegPro Group

If you are hoping to expand your business in the upcoming years, you need a software solution that will work with your expansion. We worked with VegPro Group to create a desktop application that was more reliable than their previous options. 

It was hosted on-premises. We also ensured that it backs up every hour to remote servers. We worked with their team to overcome the most common issues they experienced. When goods are out of stock, the team now has the tools to overcome this and improve customer service.  

We encouraged the team to share the issues that were unique to their industry. Therefore, this allowed us to build in features that would be beneficial to their team in the future and overcome these problems.

5) AVN for Accountants

OnTrack was a solution we created to allow AVN for Accountants to benefit from a new web portal.  This once again meant it could be accessed anywhere if you have an internet connection. It interacted with their API and retrieved the login details to ensure only members could access the site. As you can tell, security is a top consideration when designing software.  

We keep this in mind at all times to ensure you have a safe and reliable software solution for your company. During this project, we worked very closely with their IT staff. This allowed us to ensure that all of the databases updates were correct and complete.  Thanks to this close relationship, we were able to ensure each deliverable met the company’s needs each time. New clients were easy to add through the tool, making work processes easier for everyone who uses it.

6) Amosite Ltd

The final one of our bespoke software examples we’d like to share today was for Amosite Ltd. We created an online portal for asbestos management.  This is a good example of why you might choose a web portal over other software options. It means you don’t have to install software on a specific device to use it. Instead, your remote workers have no excuses for not being fully productive from home. 

For the inspectors who work in the field, we built a mobile Android device to use on their tablets. This was an extremely successful project which helps the team to manage their work with ease still to this day. 

Last Words 

As you can see from these bespoke software examples, there really is no limit to the type of projects our team can help you with. We work with businesses in all industries, and you’ll find that we have the knowledge and resources to tackle any project.  

We’ll be excited to learn how we can help you to improve your current work processes. Instead of relying on old-fashioned ways of working, it’s time to build modern software solutions together. It’s also a great option for companies with remote workers. We’ll ensure everyone can access your new software from anywhere in the world.  

Contact us today to discuss your next software development project and to learn how our team can help you to bring your vision to life. 


Graphic shows a developer coding Bespoke Software examples  
Graphic shows a developer coding Bespoke Software examples  

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