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Bespoke software is for all industries

Custom software is something that any company could benefit from. While you may think that this solution is primarily reserved for very technologically advanced businesses, literally any industry will benefit. Keep reading as we highlight some of the industries which BSPOKE Software has worked with in the past. While this list is by no means extensive, it should give you a good idea about how we can work with you to improve your business processes moving forward.

Local city councils

Government organisations can benefit from custom software to help speed up almost any type of process. This type of organisation has thousands of pieces of information stored about local residents. With so many departments needing access to this information, a central database and custom software make a great solution. On top of that, custom software can add features that are specific to your local area and speed up the time taken for long-running tasks. This will then allow your team to focus on what really matters, looking after the local community. We know this is a complex industry with many safety standards to adhere to, which is why custom software can be of such great help.

Food production companies

Food production involves numerous stages to get the food and drink products from the factory to the shelves in stores. Custom software can help your business to stay on top of every step of the process and ensure there are no delays. You can use custom software to monitor your stock levels and keep supplier details.


Sweet Causes Ltd is a company that we started working with a few years ago that demonstrated to us just how valuable custom software could be for charitable concerns. Instead of using spreadsheets to plan routes, they needed a solution that would be more effective. A custom desktop application was the solution for their team, with easy installation via a downloadable link. We also created a bespoke mobile application for Android and iOS for their collectors and canvassers. This offered an excellent tool to help support staff who spend their time on the road. Charities are often short of time and resources, so custom software is a great way to make the most of your funding.

The automotive industry

No industry is more complex and busy than the automotive industry, which is why we always recommend custom software for this industry. When we worked with Smart Home Charge, we saw the changes that we could make to this industry. We worked on rebranding their system to ensure all texts, emails, and documentation were in line with the brand standards. Another solution that we implemented was allowing staff to fill in grant details for customers, to provide an excellent customer experience. Technicians employed by SHC can receive and document their work using mobile devices via the use of a responsive website. Each month, the system can generate claims forms for clients and collates everything into the correct folders.


Whether you operate solely as an accounting firm or just need to create invoices custom software can achieve this. Invoicing clients can take up a huge amount of your time and you need to ensure that this is fulfilled. Custom software is a great way to automate this process as well as other routine tasks. For accounting companies, processes can be put in place to remind you when work needs to be completed and alert you about looming deadlines.

Property services

Any type of service-based business can benefit from custom software. If you need to keep on top of your appointments and ensure that you are completing each task at the right time, you can use custom software to ensure that no job is overlooked. Whether you are a cleaning company or a repairman, you’ll find custom software can organise your staff. You can use custom software for booking appointments, and tracking them through to completion. From there, you’ll also be able to invoice clients and ensure that this is sent in a timely manner to them. Custom software gives you more control over your working process from start to finish, reducing delays and ensuring nothing is missed.

In summary

These are just a few of the industries BSPOKE Software has experience working with. However, hundreds of other types of businesses could benefit from custom software and we look forward to the challenge. No business is too small or too new to benefit from custom software. You’ll save your team time and energy a bespoke software solution, and soon realise a return of your investment. If you are wondering how custom software could benefit your business, contact our team today.

Cutom software for all industries, shows highways and industrial background
Cutom software for all industries, shows highways and industrial background

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