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7 Benefits of customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) offers endless benefits to business owners. If you aren’t already using an effective CRM software solution, you could consider a custom one. A custom CRM is a software solution that will be tailored to your needs. Let’s take a look at the top benefits that any company will experience when they start using customer relationship management software on a daily basis.

1) Increased customer satisfaction

Your first priority when it comes to your business should always be building better customer relationships. In turn, this will improve your customer satisfaction. This is often a challenge for businesses as they grow. With a CRM however, you’ll be able to streamline customer communication and target potential customers. Instead of getting confused about whether you’ve followed up with a customer via email, a CRM will help you to keep track of every interaction.  A CRM can help with making customers feel valued by your company. They’ll be impressed by the time and effort you put into ensuring they are satisfied with your services.

2) Save your company time

A CRM will help to save your company time and money, by streamlining your processes.  A custom CRM is the best option to experience this benefit, as it will be tailored to achieve this goal. Instead of having to trawl through endless emails and notes about customers, staff will have a central database that they can refer to. This helps with using company time more wisely and reduces team members stress.

3) Segmentation of customers

There’s nothing worse as a customer than feeling like you’re not valued by the company you are spending your precious time and money with. You can offer customers a personalised experience, by separating contacts into target audiences. You could create a whole range of criteria segments, which will improve your marketing and sales campaigns. Once you know exactly who you are targeting, you’ll be able to improve the messaging for all of your campaigns. Thus helping you to win over even the toughest customers.

4) Customer retention is improved

Did you know that it’s six to seven times cheaper to keep your existing customers than it is to find new ones? Instead of putting so much time and effort into finding new customers, a CRM will help you nurture your current relationships and keep your customers happier. You’ll find it easier to send appointment reminders or follow-up emails, and you’ll be able to reach out to any customers you’ve not had contact with for a while. You can use this to offer them welcome back deals and receive feedback about anything you can do to improve your current offerings. Current customers make up the bulk of your earnings, so don’t neglect them in favour of chasing new ones.

5) Quicker communication

No one wants to wait around all day in order to hear back from a company they are purchasing something from. Slow replies will quickly make you lose customers and can make your customer service team look very unprofessional. A CRM system will allow you to create email templates and send off quotes in less time. You’ll no longer be losing business to companies that can reply more quickly, as your CRM system will make this task easier than ever. On top of that, we recommend setting up auto-responses to your emails to ensure your customers know that their message has been received and that you’ll reply to them as soon as possible.

6) Better communication within various departments

Your customer service team will likely benefit the most from a new CRM system. However, most of your employees will enjoy the benefits of using this system at some point. Sales and marketing will find the information on your CRM to be very useful. Enabling these staff members to get a better idea of the way in which they could improve their strategies. HR can use this system to see how your team is working and to keep track of hours worked. Your whole team will have one central system where they can update information. This results in negating the possibility of two staff members contacting the same customer twice about the same issue.

7) Protect your data

GDPR is something that any business that saves customer data needs to be concerned about. A CRM can help you to improve your data privacy and comply with regulations within your country. Many CRM software solutions add GDPR functions into their features, to prevent violations of regulations. You need to avoid a data breach at all costs, and a CRM will assist with this.

Custom CRM

When you create a custom CRM system for your business, you’ll experience all of these benefits and more. Custom software is ideal for any type of business and will ensure you get all of the features you require. A CRM is something that any business should be using, and our team at BSPOKE Software will be excited to discuss how we can help you to improve your processes and increase your customer base with a custom CRM. Call today for an informal consultation.


Custom CRM Software Custom Relationship Manager
Custom CRM Software Custom Relationship Manager

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