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Productivity benefits of a custom software system

Custom software is one of the top tools for businesses looking to improve their productivity. Regardless of what industry you are operating in, you are probably looking for new ways to increase your efficiency. Another bonus of custom software is it can be built to measure productivity. In this article, we will share how custom software can productively benefit your business.

Why is productivity important for businesses?

As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of your time worrying about the product or service you are offering and how you can improve the customer experience. If you haven’t been taking the time to think about how efficient your employees are, you’ll find that this is one of the easiest ways to increase your profits and reach more customers each day. There are so many benefits of tracking your productivity with custom software, and these are a few of the most prominent ones you’ll notice almost immediately:

  • Increased profitability – When you are more productive, you can often lower your prices for your customers. As your labour costs decrease, you will experience an increase in profit regardless of whether you change your prices or not.
  • Lower your operational costs – Custom software can help you to complete the same amount of work in a shorter amount of time. This may allow you to reduce the number of staff members in your office or repurpose them.
  • Use software to its full potential – Custom software is fully tailored to your employee’s needs. They’ll be able to use the resources they have to their full potential, which will make a huge difference in your business operations. Many companies experience a rise in customer service, when employees are given the right tools.
  • Reduce employee burnout – Employees in companies of all types often find they are completing repetitive tasks each day. If this is the case in your business, custom software could help to minimise this. This will then improve the morale and wellbeing of your employees, who will be more passionate about their work.

How can custom software help you measure productivity?

Each business has different ideas of what a productive working process would look like. As custom software is fully tailored to your needs it will include features that allow you to track specific tasks. If your business heavily relies on your customer service team, you could track response times to customer queries. On the other hand, if your business processes involve manufacturing products, custom software can measure your hourly output and indicate any delays in the process.

Every business has to perform different tasks, which is why off-the-shelf software isn’t suitable for all businesses. On top of that, your business likely has a very different set of employees in comparison to another company. Custom software can help speed up mundane tasks and free up time for your team to spend on more creative activities. There’s no one size fits all answer when it comes to productivity, as it is measured differently between companies. Ready-made software often hinders productivity in companies, which is why we believe custom software is the best option.

How can you improve productivity with custom software?

BSPOKE Software design and build software with productivity in mind.  Our clients have found that their business productivity is increased with a custom software system. Even a simple piece of custom software for a small company can make a huge difference to your daily operations. We’ll work with your team to understand your current challenges and future requirements. You’ll be able to get ahead of your competition and keep at the forefront of your industry once your productivity increases.

For many companies, poor communication is one of the top reasons that efficiency decreases. Custom software can act as an intermediary and makes it easier to complete tasks from different locations. Instead of waiting to solve issues when you can next meet with a team located elsewhere, it will help you to find immediate resolutions to problems you may be facing. Custom software can help you to keep on track with your current projects and will ensure that everyone in your business is on the same page during the process.

Building custom software with us

Here at BSPOKE Software, we specialise in building custom software for a wide range of businesses.  Contact our team today to discuss your needs and requirements and ask any questions you may have. We’re passionate about sharing the benefits that custom software can offer and we will be excited to work with you.


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