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Common issues solved by custom software

As a software house specialising in completely bespoke software, our clients come to us with a huge variety of projects. Whilst the scope, requirements and special requests vary, the goal and KPIs for the software we develop are often the same.

In this guide, our team has listed common issues and concerns which are addressed or solved by the development and implementation of a custom solution.

By leveraging 20 years’ experience, we have helped both small and large businesses address fundamental problems that have undermined their organisation and inhibited growth. Many software-as-a-service businesses have also benefited by bringing something new to the market.

Use this guide as a resource to identify what challenges you can look to address through bespoke software. You may find that you can solve multiple problems with a single solution.

Outdated Systems

We are regularly approached to work on projects which don’t aim to reinvent the method in which a business works. Instead, the project is focused on developing a newer, updated version of existing software which the organisation uses or sells.

Technology continues to develop at an incredibly rapid rate. Every year, something new is built which completely changes how we approach elements of business, as well as software. For an organisation trying to keep pace and be relevant, ensuring that the tools being used are built on new, more futureproof technologies is essential.

As a result, older software built on older frameworks can quickly become redundant or actively impede business productivity. In most cases, a new solution tailored to current business requirements is always better.  It can have a noticeable impact on daily organisational operations.

Data degradation and mismanagement

As with all things, software has a lifespan. Unfortunately, as humans, we regularly make mistakes and particularly for bespoke software which handles data entry, we miss certain information which impacts database quality long-term. This is called data degradation and, over time, it can become a serious issue that slows down processes and becomes a roadblock for staff.

Data degradation is natural, as is data mismanagement, for older software. The best answer to addressing complex data issues which are causing organisational problems, is the implementation of a new software solution.

With different user experience features, previously obtrusive data can be found and amended easily or filtered out. This creates a much faster process for staff to take advantage of. The other alternative is to simply delete incorrect or outdated information or, if this is not possible, to import the data into a new software solution which enables it.

At BSPOKE Software, we tailor our approach and our decision-making to your needs and preferences. Whatever issue you’re trying to tackle and whatever method you intend to tackle it with, we support you fully with our expertise and custom-made solutions.

Stifled productivity, broken functionality and longwinded processes

Broken software can be incredibly frustrating for the user, impeding productivity and generally creating a negative atmosphere. Whether it’s a search bar that doesn’t function or missing buttons or screens, a business’s needs change over time and often. Unfortunately, software is unable to keep up with what’s demanded of it.

The main answer to this is a new solution which removes what’s obsolete and optimises the workflow. New software also undergoes rigorous testing to remove bugs and prevent broken functionality, helping maximise your team’s effectiveness and guarantee higher levels of employee satisfaction and productivity.

New industry or business demands

Industries are not static. As technology changes and society changes, industries also see change and variation, whether it’s the shift from physical shops to online stores or how Amazon Kindle have revolutionised book publishing. Regardless of whatever industry you are in, it is likely to see change over the coming years with the continual technological development and advancement which has been occurring.

Similarly, as industries change, so must the businesses that serve them. Static organisations are doomed to collapse as their competitors adapt to new requirements and consumer demands. Therefore, organisations are often required to update their existing technologies to maintain their position in the market – this includes their bespoke software solutions.

Updating to new industry standards or business requirements can be difficult when working with older software built on older frameworks or platforms. In these cases, an entirely new solution, custom-made to the current state of the market is essential for survival and growth.

High off-the-shelf software costs

Off-the-shelf software can often struggle to fully cover all needs for an individual business. Whilst most off-the-shelf options will have similar core features, it’s the side features which differentiate them and provide the real value. Yet, often, businesses find themselves lacking key information or functionality, simply because there is no complete off-the-shelf option for their needs.

For most, the easiest solution is simply to pay for multiple off-the-shelf solutions, using each when necessary. Whilst this is easy, it can quickly become expensive and results in a significant addition to operational costs which could be getting invested in growth.

In these scenarios, the best way to reduce off-the-shelf software fees is simply to invest in a completely bespoke solution. Custom software provides the organisation with full control over features, support and functionality. It also requires little-to-no regular fees, with software house support often being the only required outgoing and whilst the initial investment is higher, the overall saving regularly dwarfs the upfront costs.

What we can do for you

Whatever the size or scope of your project, we can help. At BSPOKE, we pride ourselves on providing a completely tailored development solution which hones in on your personal needs and requirements. From pricing structures to consultation meetings, we can work in the way that you find most effective and shape a software solution which achieves your goals. Learn more by contacting us today.

Businessman holds graphic representing software security in front of matrix code screen
Businessman holds graphic representing software security in front of matrix code screen

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