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Do you need dedicated testers for new software?

When creating a new piece of software, it can be tempting to forfeit using dedicated testers. Some large websites and businesses skip this step as they are only using basic software solutions and find any errors with real-time monitoring and QA testing. However, for most development teams, we highly recommend using dedicated testers for your software. We discuss top reasons you should still use dedicated testers for your next project and the benefits of the process.

Reasons for using dedicated testers

There are many reasons why testing is an important part of the software development process. Ultimately, it all comes down to creating a system that meets your customer’s expectations and that has no issues when in use. Testing doesn’t just involve checking the basic functions of the software, and instead, it works to also identify areas of improvement. It offers developers quick feedback, which they can then apply to optimise the software.

Testing offers quick feedback

For a project to be successful, feedback loops need to be quick and efficient. This will allow your team to react to any issues quickly and adjust them as needed. By using dedicated testers, you’ll get feedback throughout the development process, and the feedback will be relevant to your needs. While automated testing helps to find bugs and issues within the system, the human eye can provide more appropriate and useable data for development teams.

High-quality results

Dedicated testers can help to increase the quality of your system. While this should be everyone’s job throughout the process, dedicated testers can help spot errors and improve the product’s overall quality. By using testing throughout the process, you’ll spot errors as you go and resolve them before it’s too late. Use dedicated testing alongside acceptance criteria, and you’ll indicate to everyone what you are trying to achieve from the end result. The testing team should work with these acceptance criteria to ensure the expectations are met before the product is presented to the end-user.

Quicker delivery

Delivery time for software development is incredibly competitive in the market. Dedicated testers will speed up the process for you during production. They can help you quickly identify and fix errors so the entire process is not delayed before the product’s launch.

How to use dedicated testers in your next project

Now that you can see the significant advantages dedicated testers offer, it’s important to understand how testing should be applied to a software development project. Testing shouldn’t just be a completely random process. Instead, you’ll want to create a plan to ensure regular testing takes place.

Create a test plan

As testing is critical for the end product’s success, it’s recommended to make a test plan for the development cycle. A test plan can give everyone involved in the project a clear timeline for when they can expect feedback and potential adjustments to be made. Using dedicated testers is not a quick or inexpensive commitment. Your whole team will need to appreciate the effort required from them. However, when testing is completed in a planned and strategic manner, it will minimise delays overall.

Engage testers from the start of development

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to testing is leaving this to the last minute. Dedicated testers should be involved from the very start of the process and then offer continuous testing through to the final stage. The earlier they are brought in, the fewer bugs you’ll find in final testing. Dedicated testers give you the chance to view your product from a different perspective, and they’ll notice errors and issues before you even get started with production. This will lead to a more reliable product in the end and reduce the time your team spends on unnecessary work.

Provide dedicated testers with clear requirements

If you are going to use a team of dedicated testers, ensure they are provided with precise requirements. They need to have a clear understanding of your project and appreciate the objective of the software. You should provide expectations of the end-user, so they know how the software should function.

The more information you can provide, the easier the testing process will be. They’ll have clear objectives to work towards, and they’ll understand what both you and the client expect from the software. Some companies choose to outsource dedicating testing.  Clear communication is therefore critical in this case. Without good instructions, everyone risks wasting time and effort, resulting in frustration and wasted resources.

Outsourcing dedicated testing

When it comes to dedicated testing, you have two options; outsource or hire a dedicated in-house team. The best option varies from project to project, and outsourcing offers a completely independent perspective on your product. This can bring about great results and feedback and usually offers high-quality findings. However, some companies prefer to keep everything in-house.  Communication issues are thereby minimised with completed quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated testers are crucial for an effective software development process and should be added to your team as early as possible. Smaller teams will want to consider hiring someone to do testing, even if you can’t afford a dedicated testing team. Dedicated testers work alongside your team to help minimise issues and find the best solutions. You’ll find they offer suggestions for ways to fix errors and provide much-needed assistance.

For dedicated testing to be effective, ensure you follow the suggestions listed above. Start with a test plan and then provide clear instructions to your testers. With a plan of action and a good understanding of your product’s expectations, testers will be a valuable asset. Give us a call here.

Software test engineers at work
Software test engineers at work

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