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Machine learning: how can it help your business?

You may have heard the term ‘machine learning’ before. But you may not know what it means or how it applies to your business.

Machine learning is when computers and pieces of software find patterns in data, digitally fed into an algorithm to increase the efficiency of your business or systems. It’s now even being used to develop self-driving cars and other fascinating technology.

Another example: popular services such as Netflix, Facebook, and Google all use machine learning to tailor experiences around every user. For instance, when you browse Netflix, you receive recommendations based on what you’ve previously watched.

Simply put, machine learning is designed to provide the user with an optimal experience while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of the service provided. That is, cutting costs, increasing sales, and creating a better user experience for your customer.

More businesses are beginning to understand the power of machine learning, slowly implementing these systems into their own businesses to maximise efficiency, and increasing ROI.

How does machine learning apply to my business?

Good question. Your business may currently not be using machine learning systems, especially if you don’t use custom software. However, even if you don’t, if you use services such as Facebook ads or even Google search, then you are benefitting from machine learning indirectly.

For example, when using Facebook ads, you can target a very niche audience, an audience that has liked specific people, interests, and even friends. Your ads use machine learning to target these people directly, allowing you to get your product or service seen by those most likely to be interested.

However, it doesn’t end there. As mentioned previously, custom software uses machine learning to increase the efficiency of your business. But what businesses would this apply to?

Sectors that benefit from machine learning

Many business sectors benefit from machine learning whether you own a corporate cleaning firm or sell products online.

This is achieved via custom software, essentially allowing your program to become more intuitive, learning from itself to make business operations more efficient.

For instance, if you tailor-make a program to help manage your accounting, then machine learning can further improve this process. Perhaps you have an outgoing payment every month – the software will register this each month, saving you the effort of manually submitting and acknowledging the payment. This saves time, effort, and if done right, creates much less work, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Another example: let’s say you manage a golf course and hundreds of members. Machine learning would allow you to account for each subscription payment, automatically following up with an email to remind of upcoming payments for the year or month. Once paid, the system will mark this for you, saving you the time and effort of following-up and chasing each club member.

As you can see, machine learning is extremely versatile, powerful and reduces workload dramatically.

Minimising human intervention

The ultimate goal of machine learning is to minimise human interaction with a computer or system. The machine learns from patterns and existing data, they develop over time, becoming faster and more efficient.

Over the past decade, machine learning has expanded massively. While machine learning was exclusively developed to identify patterns, it’s now being used to develop other interesting technologies.

Another example is in the transportation. Let’s say your company specialises in delivering goods to warehouses and other organisations, most likely long and complicated journeys that take days to complete. With machine learning, you can plot the most efficient route taking into account potential problems, real-time traffic and roadworks, even profitability.

It doesn’t end there. Retail businesses use it to create custom product suggestions, the healthcare industry uses sensors and other devices to monitor a patient’s vital signs. The government uses machine learning to detect fraud, identify theft and other crime.

Custom or bespoke software

If you’re perhaps considering how machine learning would help your business, the team at BSPOKE Software can help. We specialise in custom-built software that uses machine learning, allowing you to operate your business more efficiently.

We’ve worked with various organisations to fast-track their systems and make them more efficient. This is saving them more money, time, and effort.

Let us help you with the right software

Machine learning is a relatively new system developed in recent years. It’s only now that many businesses realise how machine learning can help them progress, expand, save money, become more efficient.

Remember, machine learning is not exclusively for large businesses or retail outlets.  It’s for all businesses that have any software system and are looking for an intelligent and intuitive upgrade.

If you’re looking to implement machine learning into your daily operations, the team at BSPOKE Software can create custom programs and software tailor-made to your business.

To get in touch give us a call  on 01733 215 777 or head over to our contact page.

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