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Custom software development – What you need to know!

Custom software development is something that companies of all sizes should be considering. A custom piece of software can help to improve efficiency within your business, for internal use by your staff.  Alternatively, you may want to create a software tool to offer your customers.

In this article, we will go over the basics of software development.  We will examine what custom software is and who should consider it. With no previous experience in the software industry, you can still have your very own software for your business with the help of a software development company.

What is software development?

Any form of computer science activity that builds, creates, designs, and deploys software, comes under the umbrella term software development. The term software describes the set of instructions or the programs that tell your computer what to do. Software is also independent of the platform it runs on.

There are a few different types of software to consider when building a new software program for your company. System software offers core functions for your hardware, such as an operating system, hardware management, and utilities. Text editors, debuggers, and other tools which are used to create code, are called programming software. Finally, application software helps you to perform tasks on your device. Application software includes Office programs, media players, security programs, and custom software that is created uniquely.

Embedded software is another type of software you may have heard discussed. This type of software controls machines, rather than computers. You can find embedded software is built into cars, networks, washing machines, smart fridges and robots, etc. These devices are sometimes connected with other devices thanks to the Internet of Things.

Software development projects are generally completed by software development companies, such as BSPOKE Software. You’ll find these individuals spend years training in this field in order to reach a professional level. The software industry like technology is always changing, making it a complex and fast-paced industry to work in.

Types of software developers

Software development professionals fall under a few different categories. You may find that you work with someone who takes on all of these tasks, called a full stack developer. The tendency for larger projects is for individuals within a team to work mainly in one of these roles.

  • Programmers and coders – Programmers write code that allows the computer to perform a certain task. This could include processing an order or displaying a certain image. Programmers are usually provided with instructions from software engineers and developers and then use programming languages to apply these instructions.
  • Software engineers – Using engineering principles, software engineers can build systems that aim to solve a problem. They are looking for general solutions that can work within the real world. They may use a modelling language, in order to specify this.
  • Software developers –  You’ll often find most team members will use this title to describe their work. They may write code, create features, manage the development process, or conduct tests on your new software.

On top of this, large companies often employ scientists to assist with the process, especially for scientific or maths-based applications. As you can see, a lot of time and expertise will go into each project, which is why these individuals spend so much time studying their craft.

What is custom or bespoke software development?

Nowadays custom software also called bespoke software, is something that any business owner should consider. Many companies still only use commercial software. Commercial software development often called ready-made or off-the-shelf, is software created to be purchased by almost anyone. This would include Microsoft Word or any app that you can download online. However, custom software development creates and deploys software for a specific set of users.

This means your business can benefit from software that works the way you, your staff and customers, want it to. Bespoke software is fully customised software, that focuses on the features and functions that meet your business requirements. Small businesses often find this saves them time and increases efficiency, offering both customers and staff a tailored experience.

Who should consider custom software development?

Here at BSPOKE Software, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes to create custom software. The great thing about custom software is that it’s fully customisable, and you can start small with the essentials before adding new features later on. Custom software is tailor-made to fit your requirements. To achieve this, we’ll form a relationship with your team to help us to understand your needs. It’s a great long-term investment for companies that are looking to expand, as you won’t have to keep renewing licenses or upgrading to new versions that include many features you probably don’t need or use.

For companies that are looking to increase their productivity, custom software is a great option.  This is because it is designed to suit your company’s needs, making your teams feel confident in their job role and perform tasks more efficiently.  To ensure your software will last for many years, we build it to scale up as your business grows.

BPSOKE Software has the tools and expertise to bring your vision to life.  Contact us to discuss your business software requirements.

BSPOKE Software - Custom software development program on a coders monitor screen.
BSPOKE Software - Custom software development program on a coders monitor screen.

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