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6 reasons to switch to cloud productivity tools

Cloud productivity tools are becoming more commonly used by companies. For businesses that aren’t currently using cloud productivity tools, you may be wondering why they would want to switch to using them. In this article, we’re going to share with you the top reasons for opting for these solutions, so that you can see the benefits they could offer to your company’s efficiency this year.

1. Location independence

For businesses that are still relying on tools that can only be accessed from their offices, 2020 was probably incredibly challenging for them. With so many employees still working from home, companies need to rely on tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to connect their employees regardless of where they are. These tools allow constant communication within teams irrespective of when and where they are working. They provide seamless collaboration for teams, making working on projects easier for everyone involved. You’ll enjoy real-time updates without having to constantly call each other, making communication much easier for teams that are spread out across the country.

2. Immediate updates on projects

When you are working as a team on a new project, one of the most frustrating parts of the process can be waiting for updates to be delivered. Cloud productivity tools offer every member of your team the opportunity to give instant replies and updates to their work. As a project manager, if you need to share a file with your team, they’ll receive it instantly on the tool without you having to send endless emails back and forth to everyone. If you aren’t working in the same physical space, you can still chat about your progress throughout the day, making projects run much more efficiently.

3. Easy to train employees to use

The most popular cloud productivity tools, such as Google Docs and Slack, are so simple and intuitive for employees to add to their daily routine. Even employees who struggle with technology will find these solutions easy to use, and you’ll wish you had started using them much earlier in your organisation. When new employees come on board, they’ll likely already be familiar with the most common systems, so you won’t have to worry about training them on new internal tools. By choosing just one or two tools that are most suitable for your workplace, you’ll find something that makes everyone’s working life much easier, from interns through to your management team.

4. Everything is in one place

There’s nothing worse than working on a project and having documents and information saved all over the place. When working on a project, using a tool such as Trello or Google Docs you can keep and organise all of your notes or documents in one location. You’ll be able to keep separate files to track the progress of your project, and you won’t spend hours searching through emails to find the document you need.

As a manager of a project or team, you’ll find that you can use productivity tools to offer your team improved communication. While team meetings via video calls or in-person can be a great help, documenting these meetings and keeping all of the notes in a central location is highly recommended for long-term collaboration. Create files that your team knows they have access to and should check regularly for updates. Cloud productivity tools are also great for HR and finance teams who need to send regular bulletins or documents to all employees within a company.

5. Cost-effective solutions

For organisations of all shapes and sizes, cloud productivity tools can be a very cost-effective solution. Instead of purchasing individual licenses for other products or tools, you can use a subscription-based tool which will be much lower in cost when divided by the number of users. You’ll also save time in this way, as you won’t have to worry about ensuring licenses are still in date or paying to update the software when it’s needed.

Updates to the tools are included with your subscription, and you won’t have to spend as much time and effort checking that your software is up to date. These updates shouldn’t cost you anything but will ensure you are enjoying the newest features and additions to the tools you are using. On top of that, when your company expands, you can simply upgrade your tools to accommodate your growing team.

6. Work across various devices

For companies with team members who regularly travel for work, one of the biggest challenges can be finding tools that work on all of your devices. If someone wants to check their messages on the go, tools such as Slack offer a mobile application that makes communication quicker and easier when travelling.

You won’t have to worry about only using certain makes or models of laptops or tablets within your office and can instead choose the device that’s most suitable for each role within your company. Team members often find this makes collaborating on a project much easier, and there are no excuses for slow responses when working away. While you don’t want your employees to be plugged in 24 hours a day, it’s certainly a way to enjoy quicker results and increased productivity.

Next steps

With so many different cloud productivity tools to choose from, there’s something out there for any type of business. Regardless of what type of files or projects you are looking to store in the cloud, you’ll find storage, connectivity, and project management tools that will save you time and money in the long run. These tools are known for being quick and easy to set up, and you’ll find all of the employees in your office will notice the difference in the communication within your team in no time at all. With so many employees still working at home, it’s a great way to help teams feel connected even with the physical separation and will improve morale and results within your workplace.

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