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7 Myths about about custom software development

In the past, you may have heard some myths about custom software development. These ideas may have led you to conclude that custom software isn’t a suitable option for your business. As a software development company, BSPOKE Software has dispelled many of these myths for our clients. Keep reading as we share with you the reasons why these myths, for the most part, are just not true.

1) Software development will cost your business a fortune

Let’s address one of the biggest myths about software development straight away. Bespoke software development can be carried out to fit your company’s budget and needs. Therefore, it doesn’t have to set you back an absolute fortune. This is one of the most common myths about custom software development, and it puts many small companies off. This is a shame as many of our clients who have benefitted from a custom software system are small businesses. The number of features you add to your custom software will naturally impact your budget. However, as custom software is modular you can add extra features later, as your budget allows.

2) You need to work with a huge team of software developers

While you may think that working with a large team of developers would offer you many advantages and help your project to be delivered quicker, this isn’t always the case. In fact, working with a large company can often lead to major communication breakdowns and issues. Communication issues ultimately lead to delays and can cause errors during the process. The most important thing to consider is working with a custom software development company that offers a personal service, as they will communicate with you on a regular basis. If your project is a smaller one, you’ll find that a small team will deliver just as good results as a larger one.

3) External development teams won’t offer the same results as an in-house team

Some large companies have the facilities and budget to hire an in-house development team. This is not a possibility for most small and medium-sized businesses. You may find that an external custom software company can sometimes be more experienced than an in-house team. This is because an external software house is only dedicated to producing software, so their business and good name rely solely on providing quality. In addition, you won’t have to worry about managing the team yourself.  As long as communication between the two of you is good throughout your time working together, there’s no reason not to outsource your application development.

4) Testing is a waste of money

Testing is an essential part of any project and is something you should never skip over.  Testing your software is something that you should never rush, as this will ultimately cost you more money in the long run. Catching errors early can prevent large parts of your software system from having to be rewritten. Even basic tests before each launch will help to avoid issues in the future. Most software companies have their own team of testers or may only hire full-stack developers, who test as they code. Your software house will discuss testing and may also encourage your staff to be involved with this process.

5) It’s fine to rush a development project

While we know many companies are working towards a strict deadline when it comes to their software development project, we always recommend not to rush the process. If this is a piece of software that you are offering to your clients or customers in the future, we encourage you not to advertise a launch date unless it’s realistic. When the development process begins, companies often find they want to add extra features to the software as time passes. It’s sometimes worth delaying the process slightly at the start to make your software as great as it can possibly be, instead of rushing to launch it and leaving it with many errors and missing features.

6) Everything will always go to plan

We’d love every software development project to start and end with the same ideas and plan, but that’s rarely the case. One of the most important things to understand before entering a collaboration is to have flexibility. Be willing to listen to improvement suggestions and feedback from your software house. They will have transformed many businesses with custom software often within the same industry as your own. Their knowledge and experience will help you to create and deliver the best possible piece of software for your team members or customers. It’s very rare for a project to always go to plan, so keep this in mind and allow for some exceptions.

7) Custom software needs constant investment

One of the most common myths we hear about custom software is that it will need constant investment after deployment. In comparison to traditional software, many businesses find it requires less money and time in the future. You won’t have to pay for new releases or licenses after your initial investment. Instead, you will be able to choose when and if new features are added or altered. It’s a very flexible solution that can accommodate your budget and business needs, with the ability to adapt alongside your company’s growth.

Final Thoughts…

If you are considering a bespoke software system for your business, we encourage you to hire a team of professionals. Contact the BSPOKE Software team today, who will be happy to help you with your upcoming software project. Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from our services.

In your first consultation, our team will show you how custom software can bring you a return on your investment.  Find out how our previous clients benefitted from improved productivity and business efficiency with their custom software system.


7 myths of custom software development. Vector of man and woman coding and discussing software.
7 myths of custom software development. Vector of man and woman coding and discussing software.

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