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Bespoke software for construction companies

The construction industry is one that is beginning to change over to computerised systems. This is why custom software is something that many construction businesses are beginning to enquire about. For a business spending many hours of time dealing with paperwork, custom software can put them ahead of the competition. This is because custom software can help to save hours of time each day by automating processes and increasing productivity. In this blog post, we’re going to look at how BSPOKE Software can assist businesses in the construction industry.

An online portal for staff

One of the biggest challenges for the construction industry is managing so many staff members. If you have a wide variety of team members on different contracts and working various hours, you’ll want to ensure they all keep on top of their schedules. To help avoid confusion for your team members, an online portal can help everyone to remain updated about their schedule. You’ll find this to be a good software option if you also need to send regular updates. Regulations are constantly changing in the construction industry, so finding a way to keep everyone well informed is essential. This is especially true when it comes to health and safety, making sure staff are always up-to-date on this is crucial.

Improved customer satisfaction

If you are working for a client that requires regular updates, we recommend using custom software. You’ll be able to update them at regular intervals and alert them when updates are available. As well as textual updates you can show progress through pictures and plans, thus minimizing the need for many site visits. You’ll improve customer satisfaction in this way, as they’ll feel like they are your top priority. With so much going on at a construction site, the last thing you need is people coming for progress updates. This is a good way to overcome this issue while still offering a great customer experience.

Work from anywhere in the world

Business owners who often have to travel to check on construction sites, face the challenge of being away from their computer. This can mean they are unable to keep up to date with work and the progress of all projects. Custom software can be designed so that you can access it from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to keep updated with your team and see what’s going on.

Scheduling daily tasks

Custom software can be built to include any features that you need. If you find yourself managing a large workforce, you may want to consider adding a scheduling tool. If you aren’t always able to be present on-site adding a scheduling feature will allow you to assign tasks throughout the day. This will help you to prioritise urgent parts of the building project and ensure that your team remains on track even when you can’t be there to oversee everything.

Staying in compliance with industry regulations

Custom software is a great tool to ensure compliance with construction industry regulations. This is because it will be tailored to your company and industry needs. All required processes can be put in place that is specific to ensure compliance. Things you may wish to consider are reminders for any certifications renewals so that nothing goes out of date.  You may also want the ability to report accidents and save information connected with them.


Your accounting team is one part of your business that will really appreciate the addition of custom software. You could consider creating a unique component of your software that is tailored to their work. This could allow for automatic invoices and the ability to sign-off payments at the end of each month. Timesheet tracking can ensure that everyone is paid correctly for the amount they have worked. On top of that, they’ll have better control over your company expenses and will be able to share regular reports. As a business owner, you’ll also have access to this information, making it easier to monitor your company’s financial health.

In conclusion

If you’re a construction company owner and would like to see our previous successes within this industry, you can check out our case studies here.

Contact us today to see how BSPOKE Software can work with you to create a piece of custom software tailored to your business. We’ll be happy to discuss with you, your processes and daily operations, in order to design a software system that is highly efficient and productive.

BSPOKE Softare - Construction site repesenting custom software for the construction industry.
BSPOKE Softare - Construction site repesenting custom software for the construction industry.

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