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Do you need to hire a professional software developer?

Most companies today are looking to add solutions to their business that allow them to offer an improved user experience for both their employees and customers. While larger companies may have the option of creating an in-house software development team, this isn’t realistic for smaller businesses. Therefore, many companies either opt for a build it yourself solution or choose to use a professional software developer. Today we’re going to share with you the reasons why we believe hiring a professional software developer is the way forward while also looking at the other solutions you could consider.

Options for building your own software

When considering building an app or a piece of software for your company, there are multiple options available to you on the market today. We always recommend that you have someone who is experienced in this field within your company who can take this on as a project, otherwise you are likely setting yourself up for disaster. While these solutions may look like they save you money or time upfront, consider the long-term implications of a DIY solution before taking this route for your next project. These are some of the most commonly used options for building software by yourself:

  • TheAppBuilder – Whether you are building an app for your employees or clients, you’ll find TheAppBuilder offers a full suite of templates you can use. It’s a good option for building an intranet, and it guides you throughout the process. However, you’ll find you have fewer customisation options than you would with a professional software developer who will create the software from scratch tailored to your needs.
  • AppMachine – This is a reasonably simple tool to use, which can build native apps for Android and iOS. It offers a drag and drop interface, and you can easily add links to your social media accounts and an online store. Before launching your app, you can fully test out your app on the site before publishing it. While this is a great solution for first-time app developers, you’ll find that the customisation options are still very limited. The cost of adding multiple apps can also soon add up with the high monthly fees.
  • Appy Pie – Another good option for beginners, Appy Pie allows you to add ads and messaging to your app. However, all the apps designed with this solution look extremely similar, and the templates on the site are almost identical. While you can adjust certain aspects of the project for a more complex piece of software, we don’t find this to be a viable option.

Using a professional software developer for your next project

As you can see, there are some simple solutions available to you when designing an app for your company. However, for a more robust and complex app, we always recommend opting to work with a professional software developer. This will allow you to have complete control and customisation over the project, creating something you will be proud to launch into the world. These are just a few of the top reasons we always recommend using a professional software development company for your projects.

Build a high-quality finished product

One of the biggest areas of concern when creating an app by yourself is the testing process. A professional software developer will always strive to create a high-quality finished product and will work with you throughout the process to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Full testing should be included during every stage of the project to ensure there are no issues before it is deployed. This can help create a more user-friendly app that will offer your customers and employees an effective solution for the problem you intend to fix.

Full customisation – you won’t be stuck with just a few templates

One of the biggest issues we’ve highlighted with the app development options above is that they rely on the same dull templates. You don’t want your app to look just like all of the other options on the market, and instead, you should be striving to create something unique that matches your brand’s aesthetic. A one-of-a-kind app is likely to be far more successful on the market and provide more value for your users. A good software developer will be able to customise every aspect of the project to meet your needs and offer a custom solution for your company.

Support today and the future

Technology today is evolving at a rapid rate, and by designing your own app, you may soon find that aspects of it are unusable and defunct. Save your time and energy by opting to use a professional software developer. They’ll be far more aware of the potential changes you can expect in the industry. When these changes do occur and your app needs updating, you’ll find that you can return to the software development company, which will have everything they already need to get started with an update to your app.

Benefit from diverse experience

If you opt to work with a software development company, you won’t just be drawing on the experience of one individual. Instead, you’ll find their team will offer you a wide range of expertise and knowledge. For example, you can benefit from project management, QA testing, and even business analysis. As well as creating a great piece of software for your company, they’ll also be able to offer you advice about launching the product and the direction in which it could take your business. These benefits are often overlooked by companies, but you’ll find this experience to be invaluable for your company in the long run.

Going forward

Companies today are always looking for ways to cut corners, but we always recommend hiring a professional software developer for your next project. They’ll take the hassle away from what can otherwise be a very stressful undertaking and will offer you the expertise you need to succeed with your new app. As well as receiving support during the initial development process, you’ll have somewhere to turn to in the future for updates and to increase your software’s lifespan.

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Software developer writes code into laptop on a desk
Software developer writes code into laptop on a desk

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