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Four myths about remote working

More employees than ever are working remotely during the pandemic. Whether that’s through choice or necessity, remote work can offer many benefits to the individual’s working from home. However, there’s a tendency for businesses to be sceptical of remote working even so.

While there are clearly things to be guard against in regards to remote work, it can nevertheless be an effective solution for all involved. We take a look at four myths about remote working below. It may helpful for deciding whether it’s suitable for staffing in the long term.

Myth 1 – local staff cost less

Many companies believe that working with someone based nearby will be a much more reliable option for their needs. However, many companies are now starting to understand the benefits of hiring remote workers. They are often far more qualified than anyone locally may be. However, this needs to be balanced with other considerations.

Many companies choose to look overseas for employees in the hope of saving money in the process. While you may find an extremely talented developer overseas, don’t just look at the salary you’ll be paying. When hiring overseas developers, look first at the qualifications.

Don’t think that hiring a mid-range developer will solve this issue either, as you may find it won’t be worth it in the long run. Quality should always be the priority over cost. As with any business decision, money shouldn’t always be the driving force behind your choices when hiring.

Myth 2 – different time zones/cultures is a nightmare

When working with remote workers, there’s a strong chance you will be in different time zones. In addition, you may also have cultural differences and different ways of working. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, it’s all about how you handle it.

If you have a stringent hiring process, you’ll soon be able to identify if any of these will be a challenge in the future, especially in terms of communication. When hiring someone into your company remotely, ensure their language skills are on the same level as you and your team. Communication is the key to success with remote working, and if you struggle with this during the interview, it’s a red flag.

Regardless of how skilled or talented someone is, you’ll find that errors can quickly occur due to miscommunication. Time zones are less problematic for most companies unless your work is always very time-sensitive. You’ll find most time zones will overlap for a few hours at the start or end of a shift. Time zones can also be used to your advantage and allow you to log in at the start of the day to find completed work that you can continue with during your day.

Myth 3 – local must be the first choice

This is one of the most dated myths about remote workers. Many companies still believe they will find the best talent in their home country instead of hiring offshore software developers. There is absolutely no reason at all for this to be true today.

Hiring offshore comes with the same risks as domestic hiring, and a good remote software developer will be much better than an unreliable local one. Ultimately, a top developer will still perform to the highest level regardless of where they’re located.

When considering a remote worker, put their skills and performance above their location. You are much better off opting for a highly-qualified remote worker than choosing an average local employee. While you may think you’ll save time, resources, and effort with a local team member, if they don’t perform to your desired standard, it becomes irrelevant.

Myth 4 – remote workers aren’t team players

There are dozens of reasons why a worker may opt to work remotely.  While some individuals certainly thrive on working alone, it’s doesn’t mean their communication and teamwork will be any worse than someone who works from your office.

Remote workers who have been working in this manner for many years know it’s challenging to find a workplace that respects their needs and way of working. Therefore, when they do find a company that welcomes them, they’ll be especially motivated to perform.

Remote developers will work to gain the trust of everyone they associate with and will soon become a go-to member of the team. Even with a time difference, they’ll be available when needed and loyal to the success of whatever you are currently working on.

A new work paradigm

Businesses are beginning to grasp the benefits of remote work especially recently. While misconceptions still need to be addressed, the more this way of working becomes the norm, the more everyone stands to gain.

By using a stringent hiring process to check out your ability to work with a new potential team member, you’ll soon find remote workers can bring excellent knowledge and skills to your business.

If you’re thinking about new or custom software development, an app or new web portal, speak to BSPOKE Software.

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Woman sits on edge of bed working on laptop

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