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Remote working challenges – how custom software can help

The past year has been a huge time of change for businesses around the world. Due to the global pandemic, companies have been forced to send their employees home to work. This brings about a whole new set of challenges, which many companies found they weren’t prepared for.

With most businesses entirely relying on technology, there’s a whole host of concerns and issues to overcome while the workforce works at home. Your company may also permanently employ a remote workforce which comes with its own set of challenges.

We look at the challenges of the remote work environment and how custom software is a solution that can help overcome these issues.

What are the challenges of the remote work environment?

With employees working out of the office, there comes an increased risk of them using a personal device for their work. It’s so easy to walk away from your fixed office desk and start scrolling your emails on your personal phone or tablet.

With travel slowly reopening around the world, employees also note the potential to work away from their home and enjoy exploring the world while working from their laptop. Companies need to create a safe and effective working experience for employees so that this is a possibility, as it’s something that employees are going to come to expect in the future.

As employees are working from a variety of devices, there’s also the challenge of dealing with multiple software options. We all know that Apple, Microsoft, and Android can be a challenge when it comes to communication, and for businesses dealing with all three of these, it can cause huge problems.

Finally, security is, of course, the biggest concern with the remote work environment. While companies want employees to work from anywhere, data must be secure yet available at all times. Employees still need to benefit from the same user experience as they would in the office, but this must be balanced with the company’s security needs.

Web app solutions

Some companies are understandably wary about going completely mobile, but a web app is a good compromise for businesses. It’s one of the simplest custom software options for companies, and the great news is that it can be developed for anyone to use.

You don’t have to worry about having separate apps for every type of device your employees may own, and instead, you can create one piece of software that will function for everyone. This helps to avoid discrimination between devices, which can lead some employees to become frustrated if they are left behind.

Web apps can be used by almost anyone, although they may need to adjust a few settings to get started. Many companies have already adopted this option with a remote workforce, and there are many different features you can add to Software as a Service (SaaS).

Web apps can still be customised for use on mobiles and tablets, which gives your employees a more user-friendly experience. They’ll allow your employees to have access to all the tools they need, wherever they are in the world.

From a business point of view, web apps are very easy to implement and upgrade, so as your business or workforce grows, they can expand with you. As there’s so much uncertainty surrounding the return to the office, this is a great option that can be tailored to your needs moving forward.

As security is one of the top concerns with remote workers, web-based apps offer a way for your employees to securely access data. The servers can only be accessed by the managers of the app, and these security measures minimise the chance of unwanted visitors.

Making work smoother

For most businesses, remote working has certainly brought about many challenges. There have been months of adjustment for many employees who struggle to function without specific tools and software from the office.

When looking at custom software, it’s essential to establish where mobile solutions would work in your business and which areas aren’t worth developing. In the long run, mobile functionality will save any business office space and can increase your employee’s productivity. Employees will be able to access systems from anywhere in the world and answer questions or concerns your clients may have with ease.

From a competitor standpoint, if you adopt custom software in your business now, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. The market leaders today have already made this change, and that’s what’s helped them tackle this uncertain time and create an efficient remote working environment. Of course, this is far from an overnight solution, however, the sooner your company begins this process, the easier you will find it.

Where to from here?

Offering your employees web and mobile apps tailored to your company and their role will help minimise  frustrations of home working. When your team returns to the office, these will be helpful tools for business trips and employees who opt to work from home indefinitely.

If you employ remote workers as part of your team, this will help them to integrate into the workforce irrespective of where they are in the world. Regardless of the size and type of business you run, custom software offers a solution that will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

This is what we do

Remote work is only going to become more prevalent in the following years. Whether that’s through continued necessity or benefiting from skilled employees around the world, remote work brings about both its advantages and challenges.

However, good custom software can be tailored to your company’s needs, providing an effective and secure solution for your employees who are working away from the office. It helps teams work smoothly, regardless of the type of device they are working from, and allow your company to flourish during even the most difficult times.

If you’re thinking about custom software, speak to BSPOKE Software.

Remote worker sits at dining table in front of laptop
Remote worker sits at dining table in front of laptop

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