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Custom software’s typical lifespan and some financial benefits?

Custom software is an excellent option for companies across a wide range of industries. Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a large corporation, it’s a solution you’ll want to consider for your company. One of the biggest concerns for companies today is the cost associated with custom software and the number of years of use they’ll get from the outlay. Below, we look at the expected lifespan of custom software and how you will receive a return on your investment.

Expected lifespan

In comparison to off-the-shelf software, custom software is a much better option for companies of all sizes. It has a longer lifespan and will offer you an excellent range of benefits for many years to come. The majority of software programs last between six and eight years, but this can be extended thanks to updates and maintenance. More complex software can last for up to double that length of time, making the initial outlay well worth it.

It’s important to know the expected lifespan of your software, which a software designer should be able to share with you. This means that when you start to get signs that your software may have glitches or issues, you’ll be able to tackle these immediately. If your custom software is starting to run slower and has increased downtimes, it may need upgrading. However, there are many reasons why custom software is an excellent option, and these can also help to increase its lifespan.


When a company purchases a piece of custom software, they have complete control and ownership of the application. Therefore, they can choose how often they update the software and whether they want to add new features to it. In comparison to off-the-shelf software, you’ll find you have more control over when you want to do these updates instead of being forced to only do them according to the developer’s schedule. On top of that, off-the-shelf software could become obsolete at any point, especially if you are using one that a less established developer built. By maintaining your software, you can increase its performance and functionality, which will extend its lifespan. This can add many extra years of use to it and stop it from becoming unusable.

Improved security

Another reason that custom software is an excellent option is its improved security. This can help to extend its lifespan, as you are at a lower risk of hackers or issues. Off-the-shelf and legacy software is more vulnerable to hackers who are more likely to gain access to your system. On the other hand, custom software allows you to have full ownership of your system, and hackers are far less likely to find a way through it.

Technical support

Software problems are bound to occur as your software ages. However, with custom software, you’ll enjoy the support of the development team directly. They will know exactly what the problem is, which is much easier than trying to find an issue with off-the-shelf software. Without this personal support, you’ll find software becomes obsolete much sooner. Many people abandon software due to the frustration of not receiving the required support to use it to its full extent any longer. With custom software, this is rarely the case. By avoiding relying on external software, you can increase the lifespan of your software system.

Return on investment

The lifespan of custom software means most users find they enjoy an excellent return on investment. Bespoke software does involve a larger initial output, but from there, you’ll soon notice the savings.

The savings aren’t just limited to spending reductions as there are added benefits when you adopt custom software, such as a reduction in human resources and in the time taken for long-winded tasks. These will quickly help you to repay your initial outlay. You can also gain an edge over your competition as your unique piece of software could put you ahead in your industry. Over the upcoming years, you’ll find your new system, can increase the value of your company when implemented properly throughout your organisation.

Save your company time

Time is just as important as money in business, and you’ll find that custom software can offer your team an excellent tool for productivity. This will save them hours of work in the long run, speeding up processes and offering a more enjoyable working environment. While money can easily be earned, time can never be returned. Custom software products can be an efficient solution for any company when designed with your needs in mind.

You’ll find you save time training employees, as you’ll only have to review a piece of software that’s relevant to their role. This as opposed to teaching them applications they may never use. If you are looking to reduce the number of staff in your organisation, this may be a way to save overhead costs.

Get the best

Custom software has a long lifespan – which is why it’s such a desirable option for companies today. Regardless of the size of your business, bespoke software offers you cost and time savings and will help your business adapt to a changing landscape. You could find it is one of the best investments you make in your business, this year!

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Open laptop seen from above rests on a rough wooden desk next to a diary two smartphone keys nails and a camera
Open laptop seen from above rests on a rough wooden desk next to a diary two smartphone keys nails and a camera

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