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Machine learning frameworks

When it comes to machine learning frameworks, there are many different choices available to you and your business. This blog post will look at what a machine learning framework is and some of the top options currently available.

What is it?

As machine learning relies heavily on algorithms, using a machine learning framework can help to simplify these for your software developer to use. Any tool, library, or interface that helps with developing machine learning models can be described as a machine learning framework. There are a wide variety of options on offer today, most of which are written in Python, which is the main programming language for machine learning. Choosing a machine learning framework, as with any form of software, is dependent on your specific requirements.

How to choose the right framework for your project?

For your developer to choose the best machine learning tool for your project, you will need to decide what your main priority is. If deep learning, such as analysing image data and language data, is important to you, you may be looking at different tools than just basic machine learning. Deep learning tools allow you to manipulate images, predict actions, and offer recommendations. Machine learning uses algorithms, maths and statistics to find patterns in the data. With so many tools on offer today, you’ll want to discuss with your developer, our selection below to find the one that will be best suited to your needs.

Top machine learning frameworks

These are just a few of the most popular machine learning frameworks currently available. They all offer their own benefits and drawbacks, so discuss your options carefully before making a decision.

1. TensorFlow

Google Brain developed TensorFlow, which was then established as an open-source project. This is consistently rated as the top machine learning framework in the world, and it can offer regression, neural networks, and classification. Thanks to its ability to work on both CPUs and GPUs, it’s used by many of the top companies. The best thing about TensorFlow is that it is free to use, so you will only pay for the cost of integration. It’s a comprehensive research and production tool for machine learning and can be either as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

2. Spark ML

Spark ML can work in clusters, so it can handle large matrix multiplication. This is certainly one of the more complex machine learning options and works with Spark SQL dataframes. This new package was introduced in Spark 1.2 and worked to provide a uniform set of high-level APIs. These will help users of Spark ML to create machine learning pipelines. It’s a fast and easy-to-use solution, but it’s generally recommended for larger data processing needs.

3. PyTorch

This deep learning platform uses Python and offers a quick and flexible solution.  The wide range of features on offer with PyTorch makes it an excellent option for businesses, and it offers a good selection of developer tools and extensions. You can use it across various cloud platforms and there are regular updates to the system. Companies who use TensorFlow often use this option as well as it offers fast teaching times, which can make a big difference on bigger projects.

4. Keras

This neural network library is built to work on top of TensorFlow. It makes machine learning modeling easier and helps to make each coding step more straightforward. It can use the same code for either a GPU or CPU. It’s an open-source and modular option that’s ideal for both beginners and more advanced users. It’s easy to use but can also offer additional solutions for professionals, which is why it’s so popular in the industry.

Options and solutions

These are just a few of the top options on the market, but you may also want to consider asking your developer to look at Apache MXNet, Huggingface, or any of the other options on offer today to work alongside these solutions.

If you would like your developer to use machine learning within your software project, they should be able to suggest the correct framework that will be most suitable for your system. Using a machine learning framework within the development of a bespoke software project, that requires machine learning, can speed up development time and lower the cost.

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Robot stands before a screen showing a planet and software screens

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