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Health and safety software for businesses

Health and safety software isn’t just reserved for businesses within the healthcare industry. In fact, you’ll find that literally, any business needs to keep on top of health and safety protocols.

Here at BSPOKE Software, we can offer custom health and safety software that is designed with your business in mind.

In this article, we take a look at how you’ll benefit from this addition to your business next year.

Custom health and safety software allows you to approve work projects

If your business requires you to sign off work projects for health and safety before you submit them, health and safety software can help with that. You can have software created that automates these processes saving you endless hours of work, and less paperwork to handle.

One of the biggest advantages of custom software for businesses of any size is the increase in productivity. Once deployed you’ll find that your team has more time and energy to spend elsewhere.

Keep track of certificates

Most businesses have endless paperwork and certificates surrounding health and safety. Keeping on top of their dates and these certificates can be a nightmare job for anyone. Therefore, we recommend using health and safety software to track your employees’ progress and ensure they are in compliance. You can set automatic reminders which tell you when they’ve expired.

Your HR team will be incredibly grateful for this addition to their workflow. It will save them endless hours of searching for paperwork and having to update spreadsheets with dates manually.

As a business owner, you’ll also be able to see a clear overview of when you need to renew certificates in order to remain in compliance. Our client Amosite (who inspect and manage asbestos) produces inspections reports and demolition surveys automatically as proof of compliance with asbestos regulations. Whereas Response EPR produces Electrical Installation Certificates automatically with their custom software system.

Improved customer service

Companies that offer services involving health and safety will find that customer service soon improves. Health and safety software allows you to keep on top of customer queries and complaints. and you won’t have to worry about delays to the processes.

As your company begins to grow, you’ll find this is one of the best ways to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. Everyone in your business will be able to access your software. You will then be able to pass the same message on to your customers each time.

Access for both staff and customers

Risk management software is a great example of health and safety software for businesses. Both staff and customers can access the software with an internet connection. The great thing about custom software is that it isn’t just restricted to your workplace. Instead, you’ll find that you can also use it remotely.

With so many workers still working from home or travelling, you’ll find that it’s a practical way to stay on top of your work. You won’t have to install the software on each device either if you don’t want to. Instead, you can just access it from anywhere when you need to.

Custom health and safety software is a secure solution

Health and safety software is a secure solution you can use from anywhere in the world. We can create a system that forces you to log into the web portal with a permission system. This means there will be no concerns about who is accessing your site in the future. The site will be easy to access and navigate so your customers won’t need to contact you in order to find what they are looking for.

For companies who find they spend hours helping customers with their current software, we’ll create a user-friendly solution that will minimise the contact you need with them.

An easy-to-use software solution

We can design custom health and safety software to be as simple or as complex as your business needs it to be. It can also be built to integrate with your current software or any third-party apps that are essential to your operations.

We know that many employees are reluctant about changing their way of working, which is completely understandable. For that reason, we want to make any piece of software we design as easy to use as possible. This will increase the adoption of this software and ensure that they enjoy using it as much as you do.

A more productive workforce

One of the top benefits of any type of custom software is that it allows your team to be more productive. Business owners find that the efficiency of their employees increases significantly after using health and safety software. They find their employees are more engaged with their work, thanks to the tools they’ve been provided with. You’ll find that the time they save when they automate processes can help elsewhere in your business.

Minimise the number of accidents in your workplace

For companies that have a large number of workplace accidents, health and safety software is a good way to track the causes of these accidents. We can create software that will give you more data to help reduce accidents in the future. There’s no denying that these accidents can cost you a fortune, as well as potentially lose your company work and contracts.

By taking back control of your workplace with health and safety software, you’ll have a better idea of what’s going on when you aren’t around. We’ll be here to help you with adding any feature you might need to your software when we start working together.

Ready to get started?

You’ll find that when you invest in this type of software, that you have more control over your business. Furthermore, you will be able to track what’s going on within your business from anywhere in the world. Both customers and staff members can use your new software, with remote access if needed.

Contact us today to discuss your health and safety software and how we can help you to experience all of the benefits we shared above.

BSPOKE Software - Construction site with health and safety equipment,with regards to useing custom software to monitor buiness helt and safety issues.
BSPOKE Software - Construction site with health and safety equipment,with regards to useing custom software to monitor buiness helt and safety issues.

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