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Microservice architecture: what you need to know

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a new software development project this year, you’ll no doubt have started researching the best options for your company. Many different terms are used within software development. These often confuse many people looking to invest in this work, but we’re here to help you throughout our time working together. Today we’re going to look at microservice architecture and what you need to know about breaking down your software into smaller components. 

What is microservice architecture? 

Microservice architecture is a term to describe breaking a software application down into small components. Instead of just one large application, you’ll find that there are smaller modules. From there, the microservices will speak to each other on an interface. 

Each of these services can be developed and deployed independently of the others. We can also maintain them separately in the future. For that reason, there are many benefits of microservice architecture. You’ll find that the services can all communicate through APIs, and they’ll work together to solve issues within your business. It’s an important part of software development projects and helps to create software that is reliable and easy to test. 

What are the benefits? 

There are many benefits of microservice architecture, which is why more developers are opting to use this way of working. Firstly, you’ll find that individuals and small teams can easily build these one at a time. For smaller companies, it’s a great way to build up the development project as you grow and expand. Instead of deploying a project in one go, we can work to build microservices that work independently of each other. 

For companies who are looking to scale this year, microservice architecture will help with this task. We can identify and resolve these independently, and if issues occur, they are quick to resolve. If you find an error with your microservice architecture, you can then fix one of the microservices. Instead of stopping the whole development process, you’ll find that you can still benefit from others still within it. Once we resolve the issue, we can deploy the microservice again by itself instead of redeveloping your whole application.                                                                                                             

It’s much easier to choose the right technology stack for your business when you use microservice architecture. Choosing different programming languages and databases is simpler than other more complex projects. You can vary these between microservices, which helps to offer higher quality software development work for your business. Our team will be happy to discuss if this is the best solution for your company based on your current software development requirements. 

The features of microservice architecture 

When it comes to using microservice architecture, there are key features you can expect to see. These microservices are loosely connected and come together in a cluster of pluggable components. Each of these individual microservices will have a defined function. This will help to fulfil your business needs within the larger application that they are a part of. 

Each microservice can run by itself. It does not rely on the knowledge of the other microservices that it links up with. For that reason, you can remove and add various functions with ease. When you need to improve something within your software, it will be much quicker and simpler than you could ever expect. Making these changes won’t impact the overall infrastructure, which is something anyone could benefit from. 

The microservice architecture allows us to write each of the microservices with a different programming language. They may also run on a different platform and use a combination of on-premises and the cloud. Of course, there are many benefits of cloud-based microservices. These allow businesses to enjoy high levels of security and benefit from various updates immediately. 

What companies can benefit from microservice architecture? 

As with any type of software development project, you’ll want to consider if using the microservice architecture is right for you. You’ll find that it’s a good option for anyone who’s currently experiencing issues within their system. If your current system has no scaling issues and operates without challenges, then it might not be necessary for your business. 

The top reason to consider switching to a microservice architecture is to overcome any scaling issues. If your application is impossible to update, you might want to use this solution to improve your software in the future. When you are developing a new piece of software, you might also want to consider microservice architecture. It generally offers a quicker time to market. You can release applications faster than your competitors and stay ahead in any industry. 

For companies who are concerned about business intelligence and AI, you’ll want to use the microservice architecture. You can integrate various business solutions into your work, which will offer you extra analytics and insights.

Finally, when building an IoT network, consider using the microservice architecture as part of this. This requires a huge amount of data processing, and the microservice architecture makes this more manageable. Of course, our team will be here to discuss the best solution for your personal situation. No two applications or pieces of software require the same way of working. We’ll be here to help you make the right decisions for your business. 

To conclude  

Microservice architecture is an excellent tool for any project, and we’ll work with you to see if it’s the right fit for your upcoming and existing applications. You’ll see there are many benefits, particularly if you are trying to scale your business. Companies rely on digital solutions more than ever, and it’s time to get ahead of the competition as we head into the new year. 

For more information about working with our team to improve your software and applications this year, contact us today. We’ll be happy to share our thoughts and discuss if it’s the right fit for your company. 


BSPOKE Software - software developer investigating microservice architecture
BSPOKE Software - software developer investigating microservice architecture

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