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Internet of Things business benefits

The Internet of Things can offer benefits to any type of business. If you aren’t familiar with this development, today we’re going to share with you how it can help your business. Whether you are a new business or just looking to improve your processes, the IoT is here to help you in the next few years.

Increase efficiency within manufacturing

If your business focuses on manufacturing, you’ll find that the industrial Internet of Things can be a huge help. Machines are used to analyse data and improve your processes in the upcoming years. For companies that are trying to catch up with the challenges of the past year, this is a great solution. You can use this in conjunction with custom software to boost your profits and create new products to attract new customers. Products can be monitored in real time as well, which stops defects from occurring so often.

Tracking is improved

The industrial Internet of Things can also help with tracking. If you deliver products or need to keep an eye on your team, it’s a great solution. Ring-fencing will allow you to protect high-value assets. They can minimise the chance of theft or destruction, which is something we all need to avoid. We can work with your team to create custom software that will offer you increased security. In general, custom software offers this benefit, as it’s a solution that’s unique to your business. You’ll no longer have to worry so much about dealing with hackers, thanks to both the IoT and custom software. Using API integration with IOT we built a system for our client to track their vehicles within the custom software.

Health and safety benefits

Every business should have the health and safety of its employees and customers at the top of its priority list. IoT wearables can allow you to understand your health better. Doctors can also use this technology to monitor their patients remotely. When working in hazardous situations, you’ll also be able to protect your team with more data. You’ll find that there are no issues with handling dangerous materials, as you’ll be able to put more safety measures into place.

Make changes to your business

Over the upcoming years, we expect the IoT to only increase in its use. When the industrial Internet of Things is used within your business, you can monitor machines and learn more about what changes need to be made. You can prevent issues from occurring by making changes or booking maintenance calls. Instead of waiting to make changes too late, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your employees in the future, thanks to the increasing reliance on technology.

What industries will benefit from the industrial Internet of Things?

Many business owners believe the IoT is only relevant to certain industries. However, that’s not the case at all. Keep reading as we share some examples of the ways in which the IoT can benefit your business this year.


If you produce any type of product, you can benefit from the industrial Internet of Things. You’ll be able to use sensors to measure your production output. When sensors send you an alert, you’ll be aware of an issue on the line immediately. Therefore, you’ll find that errors decrease, and you can make changes or stop the production when needed. This will help you to reduce your operating costs and improve your production processes.


Transportation is one of the top industries to benefit from the IoT. Companies that use trucks, trains, and cars will be able to monitor the weather and driver availability. The sensor data from the industrial Internet of Things can help with track and trace and temperature control. It’s ideal for anyone who transports fresh produce, as you can be sure it will arrive in perfect condition each and every time.


The automotive industry was one of the first to use the IoT. Both on the production line and on the road, you can experience safety benefits. It will help to reduce the production costs and keep cars on the road for longer in the future. The industrial Internet of Things can also minimise maintenance issues and accidents on our roads. This is something we could all benefit from to make our roads safer every day.


Retail companies need to manage their inventory while offering excellent customer service. This is a challenge for the world’s top companies, but the Internet of Things and custom software can help with this process. You’ll be able to trigger alerts when stock is running low and push offers to increase customer interest. Our team can work to create a CRM system for your business that will help to improve your customer retention. After the past year’s challenges, this is something we should all be focused on to help our businesses stay afloat in the future.


Finally, the healthcare industry also benefits from the IoT due to increased monitoring. The past year has put so much pressure on hospitals and doctors surgeries, so healthcare staff can’t always be there with patients. When you add IoT sensors to medical equipment, this offers staff the ability to track patients. Even when they can’t be there with them, it gives them a better idea about their status and health condition. You’ll find that even health trackers can give you a better idea of your condition and ensure you remain healthy for years to come.

In Summary

So many different industries can receive business benefits through the Internet of Things. With the increasing reliance on trackers and monitors, we can gain more insight into ways to improve our businesses. BSPOKE Software is excited to monitor the changes in this industry and see how it impacts custom software development in the future. We can create a piece of custom software that works with any other device or tracker you might be using. Almost any industry can benefit from custom software, which will improve your efficiency and operations. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your upcoming software development project.

BSPOKE Software - Internet of things for business graphic showing woman connected
BSPOKE Software - Internet of things for business graphic showing woman connected

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