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What does API Integration mean with regards to Custom Software

Some of our clients require the ability for their custom software system to interact with external applications. For example, frequently integrated applications are software packages like Sage for accounting or Google Maps for mapping. Regardless of what industry you are operating in, you probably have programs you rely on every day for your work. Today we’re going to break down everything you need to know about API integration and share how this could benefit your business in the future.

API integration – what is it?

Firstly, API integration is a term that’s used to describe the connection of two or more applications via application programming interfaces (APIs). Secondly, in layman’s terms, this allows two distinct applications to communicate and exchange data. API integration provides a secure bridge between software applications for thousands of companies.

Why should companies consider API integration?

If you are wondering if API integration is a suitable solution for your next project, we can discuss it at your free consultation. API integrations allow applications to communicate with each other and share necessary data without the assistance of your employees, by enabling the integration of your essential applications within your custom software. It is important to create systems where data can be automatically shared, now that so many companies rely on cloud-based software. It’s a flexible solution that makes integrating applications relatively easy to have implemented.

What are the benefits of API integration?

There are so many benefits of API integration, which is why companies are often asking us about this.  Here are a few of the key benefits of API integration:

  • Scalability – If you are hoping to expand your business in the upcoming years, API integration is ideal for scaling your business. You won’t have to start again from scratch but build on some of your current structure.
  • Automation – Share information automatically between applications using API integration. It helps to remove the need for human interaction in this process, saving your employees time and your money.
  • End-to-end visibility – API integration offers end-to-end visibility and improves reporting and communication. It helps to streamline your working processes and makes it much easier to track data.
  • Fewer errors – When you are transferring large quantities of data, one of the biggest concerns is the errors that may take place.  Removing humans from the process ensures complex data is securely transferred.
  • A fully customisable solution – When you speak with our team you’ll likely have an idea in mind about the type of features you are looking for. If you know a piece of software like Sage, is integral for your business operations, you can keep using it. Thanks to API integration this tool can be seamlessly incorporated into your new custom software system. Therefore enabling you and your staff to receive the benefit of both applications.

The types of software you can integrate using API integration

When it comes to integrating software, the options are unlimited. If you have an application that’s essential to your business, our team will work to incorporate it. These are just a few examples of applications you may want to consider using with API integration:

  • Fleetmatics – If your company relies on vehicle tracking, API integration may be a requirement for your new software system. So we can add this to your app to ensure you know exactly where your drivers are at all times.
  • Gmail – Integrating with Gmail or other email APIs provides a seamless service for everyone.
  • E-commerce payment processor – If your business is an e-commerce site, you may need to use a payment processor within your new software. This will ensure you receive the payment information you need.
  • Sage – Sage is one of the most popular accounting tools on the market, and we’ve used API integration to connect this with custom software in the past. This computerised system offers various facilities for businesses working with financial information.
  • Google Maps – Integrating with mapping software gives the ability to show locations of customers and give directions, to staff if required.

API integration is an exciting technological development that more companies are opting to use. It eases the transition into a new piece of software, whilst still retaining familiar applications. For more information about custom software and using API integration, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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