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So you’ve decided you need new software

What can you expect when commissioning your custom software from the team at BSPOKE Software? There are a few steps we routinely go through with customers.  They include investigation, specification, development, and testing before we deliver your new bespoke software. We discuss each step in more depth:

Step 1 – investigation

We start by visiting your site for a ‘no obligation’ consultation to discuss your new project. Our consultant will get to know you and your business, your overall goals, and what specific needs there are.

Armed with these details, we’ll form the basic vision of how your project should be put together, and we’ll give you an overview of cost.

Step 2 – specification

Now that we have a grasp of your business and general requirements for the project, we’ll get into the detail. Our consultant will begin writing a specification for your project.

Through a series of meeting sessions, we create a ‘System Requirements Specification’ (SRS) a document describing the overall features of a software system.

Included in the SRS will be visual wireframes (also known as mock-ups) which show how the system will look and feel. This document is vital and is the blueprint for how we develop your system.

Step 3 – development

With the specification agreed between ourselves, our development team will begin to bring your project to life.

Our teams follow an Agile software development approach that delivers a more flexible system to better meet your specifications. During this stage, your project manager will provide you with regular updates.  You’ll also be invited to demo the system at intervals to see how we’re progressing.

Step 4 – testing

Testing is fundamental to good software and happy customers.

During the development process, our team builds in automated tests to ensure the code is does what it’s meant to. Both our Quality Assurance team and your key staff will then test the system to identify any pain points.

Step 5 – delivery

Once everything is in place, it’s time for the system to go live. Most new systems have minor teething issues, but we ensure you have a smooth transition.

Your dedicated project manager will be on hand to guide you through, and ensure staff are fully trained on the new system.

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Woman entrepreneur clothing shop owner stands before clothing racks inside a store

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