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The cloud – the secret tool your business is missing

We covered cloud computing  in a previously article. However, if you’re still not maximising its full potential, then your business is missing out.

The cloud is basically online data storage for files and software, easily accessible to all, a great example of this is Google Drive that provides various pieces of software such as Word and Excel, but also allows for data storage and collaboration in the cloud.

To help illustrate just how powerful it is, this article will touch on how the cloud can help further improve your business, especially if you transition to a full digital approach.

Increased workplace collaboration

Firstly, when you use the cloud, you open up to the possibility of increased workplace collaboration. For instance, when using tools that operate in the cloud, such as Google docs, users can collaborate on the same piece of work together simultaneously.

This feature has been around for a while now. However, if you aren’t using it, especially in the current climate of remote work and the coronavirus, then you’re missing out. This removes the back and forth of emails, asking for revisions, corrections, and slight changes. Instead, you can highlight text, leave notes, and create comments or conversations.

This is invaluable, allowing for real-time collaboration like never before.

Cut costs and invest funds in other areas of your business

If you fully transition to the cloud, you will most likely be able to cut costs. For example, you will no longer need to pay for physical storage (you may still need to purchase digital storage), certain programs, or other tools.

Using the very basic example of Google drive again, all users have access to the free programs Word, Excel, Powerpoint and others. Already, this has saved you hundreds in licensing, just for choosing the cloud.

So, if you haven’t yet made the transition, see what programs and services are available to you in your niche, and see whether it’s possible and worth making the full transition. Spoiler alert: it most likely WILL be worth it.

Interact with clients more easily

Alongside back and forth emails with employees, you also likely find yourself in long-winded email chains with clients. Once again, most likely asking for revisions, edits, or more information.

When using the cloud, you provide your client greater accessibility to the project. For example, you can grant them access to the documents to make edits themselves, can allow them to monitor progress, or can create a tick sheet of tasks that are currently underway, behind schedule, or done (you can use platforms such as for this).

Automatic updates

If you use non-cloud software, for example, offline programs, then these will need to be updated manually. This can be time-consuming, and at times, poorly scheduled. However, when you choose the cloud, these update automatically, usually with no input on your end.

This allows you to go full speed all of the time with no interruption, ensuring you can go about business as usual to please and impress your clients.

Cloud computing allows for effective scaling

As a business, overtime, you are naturally likely to grow. If using your current systems, this could incur both hardware and software costs, amongst others. However, when you choose the cloud, you prepare your business for this scaling process, allowing you to grow safely and with much less of an overhead cost.

Don’t be caught out by rising cyber fraud and theft

Cyber fraud and cyber theft are on the rise, with criminals stealing data online. Many people think this is due to more people using the cloud to store data. While this is somewhat true, this is actually a result of a lack of security on the user end or poor choice of passwords and other security info. It’s equally as important to choose platforms that are protected and reputable, further reducing your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Increased accessibility

One of the main issues for employees in the current day is a lack of accessibility. However, when you transition to the cloud, all employees can access their files so long as they have an internet connection.

This allows you and your team to work remotely or from the office, a life-saver (quite literally) in today’s world. Furthermore, this allows you to resume business as usual, protecting your employees and doing your part to help beat the coronavirus for good.

Advanced data protection

Finally, the cloud offers enhanced data protection thanks to updates in security. Not only this, but if your files are to go missing, these can likely be recovered thanks to numerous back-ups that take place all of the time.

This is a massive advantage, especially when compared to losing data offline, where no backups were made, and you need to start the project before scratch, most likely the day before it’s due.

To conclude

If your business hasn’t yet switched to the cloud, then you’re missing out. The cloud is an excellent space for effective collaboration, allows your business to cut costs and save money, reduces your risk ofcyberr fraud, and offers advanced data protection in a world where cybercrime is on the rise.

So, make the decision today for a more effective and safer virtual workplace tomorrow by contacting us today.

Plant in front of laptop and smartphone representing computing using cloud software
Plant in front of laptop and smartphone representing computing using cloud software

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