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Upgrade your business software – identify and resolve

After the difficulties of the past year, it can be tempting to try and cut corners in any aspect of your business. If there’s one area you shouldn’t cut costs in, it’s upgrading your business software. So, in this article, we discover what will happen when you leave it too long to upgrade your business software. By learning about the issues you will experience, you can ensure you don’t leave it too late to make the needed upgrades in the near future.

1) Your software will become outdated

When you don’t upgrade your business software, it will soon become outdated. If software becomes too outdated, it may get to a state where updates become impossible. Compatibility issues with hardware may also arise, which can wreak havoc for businesses of all sizes. While there’s a huge difference between an update and an upgrade for your business software, you’ll want to make sure you keep on top of both areas. As soon as you notice an issue with updates, it’s time to book in with our team to discuss upgrading your software.

2) Upgrade your business software to ensure compatibility with your devices

If you are relying on a piece of software to work with a variety of devices, there may come a time when it’s no longer compatible with all of them. When you invest in new laptops or computers for your team, you will have a nasty surprise when you find out your software no longer works. A good time to consider upgrading your business software is when you are upgrading your hardware. The two work hand in hand to offer your team the right equipment that’s needed to do their work each day. By providing your team with the tools that are best for their work, they’ll be more productive and enjoy coming to work each day.

3) Slow operating speeds

We all know how frustrating it is to deal with slow devices and software. When you fail to upgrade your business software, it’s bound to happen. If you leave your software upgrade too late, you’ll find that even the most basic of tasks feel almost impossible. You should be able to complete your daily tasks at a normal speed and without delays. Old software can stop you from getting the same amount of work done in a day as you did previously. On top of that, you might find yourself restarting your computers more than you’d like. If you ever notice that you lose something you are working on, that’s a clear sign that it’s time to upgrade your business software.

4) Unable to keep up with business demands

As your business grows, you need your software to be able to keep up with the increasing demands. No matter what industry you are operating within, you don’t want to be turning away business. This should never happen because of poor software. Your software should be here to help your business thrive and should never get in the way of success. Keep this in mind if you are trying to cut costs by not upgrading your business software. Your software is a tool to improve productivity and efficiency. We will be here to help you find a solution that will take your business to the next level.

5) Upgrade your business software to minimise security risks

While the areas we’ve covered above are primarily to do with the productivity of your business, keep security in mind. Out of date software is much more open to cybercriminal attacks, which is something no one can afford to suffer from. When someone notices a weakness in your system, they’ll be much more likely to attack your computers. You’ll also find that you are more vulnerable to malware and malicious threats when you aren’t working with modern software. Our software solutions can be tailored to your business and will protect your company for many years to come.

6) Missing out on new features

Our team can work with you to create a piece of custom software. This will be an excellent update for your business software and can add new features you are missing currently. You’ll find that when you have new features for your everyday operations that your business will improve greatly. We can work with you to discover the tools that your team could benefit from on a daily basis. If it’s been a few years since your last upgrade, you’ll find that technology has developed greatly since this time. You’ll enjoy learning about the new features we can add and how they’ll benefit you for many years to come.

Are you ready to upgrade your business software?

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should upgrade your business software. Even if you are working with a tight budget, we can figure out a solution to fit your current needs. It’s so frustrating working with outdated technology, but we’ll be here to help you overcome the issues you are facing. Any of the signs we listed above are clear indications that you are due an upgrade to your software. You’ll find that your whole team is greatly relieved when you upgrade your business software. You’ll soon notice a huge boost to their motivation and engagement. Keep this in mind when considering the benefits of custom software. It’s not just you who will benefit from this work, as everyone in your business will.

Our team will be here to support you as you upgrade your business software. We can work with your current custom software solution or design a new piece of software from scratch. BSPOKE Software can share with you some of the modern software solutions and projects we’ve successfully worked on for other companies. Contact us today for more information about upgrading your business software and how our team can help with this task. We’ll be excited to work with you on this project and help you avoid the issues we’ve shared above.

Check out our case study which describes the transformation of a suite of legacy software that was based and written in Microsoft Access. We converted this suite of software so it no longer had to rely on Access. We also added a modern user interface and plenty of features and capabilities which were just not possible in the old system.

BSPOKE Software - Shows developer maintaing and upgrading a legacy business software application
BSPOKE Software - Shows developer maintaing and upgrading a legacy business software application

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