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What is software modernisation?

Software modernisation is the act of upgrading your existing software. It’s something that any business should be considering, as it will help you to improve your productivity and efficiency in the future. In this blog post, BSPOKE Software will discover what software modernisation is and how it will benefit your business in the coming years.

Software modernisation – what is it?

Software modernisation, which is sometimes referred to as legacy modernisation, is the process of rewriting or updating software to offer a modern solution. It aims to extend the life of a piece of software but may also replace some features with modern technology. This process takes advantage of new technology that’s been released since the past upgrade. It can help businesses to stay ahead of their competition and ensure their software is fully functional at all times. You’ll find that your whole team will benefit from software modernisation, if they are still using older applications. We recommend any business should check whether software modernisation is needed now if the last updates were over 3 years ago.

Software modernisation risk management

If you have a piece of working software, you need to balance the risks and rewards of modernisation. Almost every time, modernisation will win. However, it’s important to keep certain things in mind before starting the work. Firstly, we recommend that you analyse your existing software. See how it aligns with your business goals and the quality of the work you are expecting. Identify all of the stakeholders involved in the project, so you can get everyone involved in the process. From there, you’ll start to work towards discussing the areas of the software which need to be modernised.

It’s critical to keep documentation about your software up to date at all times. This ensures that your whole team are on board with the work. Look at the latest technology options and compare the best options for your needs. At this point, you’ll be able to create your modernisation strategy. This will allow you to apply all you’ve learnt so far and create a plan. You’ll have a clear idea of the resources and budget needed for this work, which will help you to reach your goals as a business.

What are the benefits of software modernisation?

As you can imagine, there are endless benefits of software modernisation for businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the most common benefits you’ll experience upon updating your software.

Increase your team’s productivity

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with outdated software. If you want your team to perform their best on a daily basis, you need to offer them the right tools to succeed. By updating your software, you’ll use modern technology to help them improve their efficiency. This will get you the results you need to keep your business thriving.

Flexibility to add new services

When you modernise your software, you have the complete flexibility to add the features you desire to your software. If there’s something you always wished to add for your employees, now is your chance. It’s never too late to update your software, and with technology constantly changing, it’s time to take advantage of these solutions. You’ll find that your employees will love being part of a focus group to share their opinions. When you listen to them and their needs, you’ll find they are more motivated to work for you each day.

Improve security

Security is a huge concern for outdated software. We recommend updating your software regularly to keep on top of potential risks. Outdated software is much more likely to be the victim of a cybersecurity attack, which no business can afford in this current climate. We’ll ensure that the software we build for you protects your business from malware and attacks. This will help you to complete all of your work without issues and keep your customers’ data safe. No business wants to be the victim of a hacker. Make sure you avoid this by opting to modernise your software this year before it’s too late.

Better customer service

No matter what industry you are operating within, you need to offer your customers good customer service. This is one of the golden rules of business, but so many people neglect their customers’ needs. Make sure you are modernising your software to offer your customers a better experience when purchasing from your company. Your software could be a CRM system to keep on track of their experience, or it could be something they use on a daily basis like a web application. However your customers are involved in your software, make sure they are one of the primary focuses on your modernisation project.

Increase your revenue

Finally, the biggest benefit you’ll notice from software modernisation is an increase in your revenue. While you might think this project would cost your company greatly, you’ll be surprised by how much it can help you. When you are more efficient, you can take on more work. Also, when your team are more motivated, their output will increase exponentially. Keep these benefits in mind before worrying about the cost of the upgrade. Most businesses notice a huge difference in their output in just weeks. This makes the cost of software modernisation well worth it to any type of business.

If you’re ready to upgrade your existing business software give us a call today.  We have brought many software projects up-to-date.  Check out our case study for Leicester City Council’s highways department, who used to have a system built and based on Microsoft Access.

BSPOKE Software - Software Modernisation showing software developers modernising a business application
BSPOKE Software - Software Modernisation showing software developers modernising a business application

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