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Agile software: How to start building?

For anyone who is thinking about taking their new company to the next level this year, building Agile software is one of the top ways to help with this. We know that the past few years have been incredibly challenging for most companies. However, Agile implementation will allow you to redesign software as and when you need to.  

Of course, if you are undertaking a software developments project soon, you might just want to outsource this to professionals. Our team will be here to tackle any challenge you face this year and support you with your Agile practices. 

What are the benefits of Agile software? 

Agile software offers many great benefits to new companies. There’s a strong chance you’ll have to change your way of working during your project.  

Agile makes it easy to pivot at any time. The past year or two has taught us that we all need to be more flexible. Agile offers you the chance to redesign your software and avoid wasting hours of your precious time.  You can redesign your software much quicker than with other methodologies. This makes it a good option for companies of all sizes and ages. 

Designate someone in your team as the Scrum Master 

The first thing you need to consider before going any further is who will lead the project.  This person is known as the Scrum Master when building Agile software. He or she will be in charge of running the project effectively. They should know a good amount about how Agile software development works and how to implement this methodology.  

However, if you have no idea where to start, our team will happily take over this task. You’ll also find there are some great courses now where you can become a certified Scrum Master. When choosing someone to undertake this challenge, find someone in your team who is experienced and passionate about this task.  

You could also hire a new team member who will then be able to pass on their expertise to the rest of your team. For anyone who hasn’t followed the Agile way of working before, they may need quite a bit of guidance at the start of the process. This will ensure they remain on the right track throughout your time working together. It should also help them to enjoy the work they are doing. 

Select the right tools to help with building Agile software 

Agile software development can be a great success when you have the right tools of the trade to support you. There are so many digital and physical tools on offer now for Agile. You’ll want to find the right ones for your upcoming project. Make sure you choose a tool based on your workflow instead of forcing your team to change their workflow to fit a tool. 

If you aren’t willing to spend a fortune on building Agile software, you can start with a simple whiteboard and paper sticky notes. However, you’ll also need to ensure this is saved within your digital files in some way to refer back to again in the future. You could take a quick photo on your phone or type it out in a spreadsheet. Many companies are opting to take the digital route now and use a tool such as Trello. These types of tools act as an online whiteboard, allowing you to track the progress of your project. They allow everyone in your team to access the tools, making it clear where you are currently within your work. 

Don’t neglect to focus on DevOps 

When it comes to building Agile software, you’ll also want to think about DevOps. This is another software development practice that works alongside Agile. It’s focused more on technology management, whereas Agile tends to stick with task and people management. When used properly, DevOps will ensure your software comes to life much quicker than you could imagine.  

This works hand in hand with Agile sprints, which aim to complete work quickly and efficiently. Keep DevOps in mind from day one of the projects to ensure your success. Of course, you’ll need the right tools to help with this as well. Git is a good option for version control. However, if you can afford to, it’s well worth investing in Azure DevOps.  You might also want to look at continuous integration tools. Of course, our team will have everything that’s needed to take on any project you might send our way. 

Don’t let anything get in the way of the process 

With the busy lives that we all lead running a business, it can be easy to neglect to build Agile software in the right way. You need to stick to the proper way of doing things to ensure your new software is a success. Always make sure you have daily start-up meetings, and don’t let anything else in your schedule get in the way.  Your team member should offer enough information for their teammates to be able to get on with their work. Instead of just giving minimal details, make sure they are getting the information they need out to the team to make the project a success. 

As the process continues, ensure you constantly reassess your priorities. There’s no denying that things change as you progress through a project. It’s never too late to reorganise certain aspects of your work, and it will help to bring your software to life as soon as possible.  By making sure your team is all aligned and understands building Agile software, you’ll find you have great success when using the Agile methodology.

Do you need some assistance?

Are you looking for help with building Agile software? Our team is here to help you during every step of the process.  No project is too big or small for BSPOKE Software, and we can help you with the complete project or just a certain aspect of it. We’ll be excited to work with you and ensure your next software development project is a success. Contact us today for more information or any questions about building Agile software for your business. 


BSPOKE Software - Developer creating agile software 
BSPOKE Software - Developer creating agile software 

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