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Bespoke Software for local authorities

Bespoke software for local authorities is one of the best ways to improve the productivity of your organisation. No matter what type of projects you work on, you’ll find that bespoke software can assist with many different areas of your business. In this article, we highlight how bespoke software for local authorities can help to increase your output and effectiveness in the future.

A familiar interface

If you are currently using a particular piece of software, you might be concerned about moving over to bespoke software. When we recently worked with Leicestershire County Council, we created an interface that was similar to one they already used. This makes it easier for your staff as they are familiar with the system. However, we can take this one step further by removing functions you don’t need and adding ones that are helpful to your organisation.

Almost any part of a local authority’s business can use bespoke software. Your HR team, financial team, or admin staff could benefit from this project. You can work with them to add the features they’ve always wished for. This will make coming to work each day much more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone.

Add the features you need on a daily basis

One of the top reasons to switch over to bespoke software for local authorities is to add features that you always wish for. Instead of being stuck with a specific set of features, you’ll now have access to a wider range of useful tools. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and requirements. From there, we can design a piece of bespoke software that is useful for your team. Your team will no longer feel the frustrations they do from using off the shelf software. You’ll be able to offer them a tool that has everything they could potentially ever need and use.

More affordable than you might expect

If you think your organisation can’t afford to invest in bespoke software for local authorities, you will be impressed by how affordable it is. There’s something for everyone on offer today. We’ll be able to find a solution that fits your budget and works out just as affordable as your current solutions. Instead of paying annual fees on software, you’ll have a one-time cost to pay.

While you might need updates in the future, generally bespoke software lasts longer than typical products. Even if you switch over your hardware in the future, we can just update your software to make it useable still. This is one of the biggest frustrations for companies, who find themselves paying a fortune for software upgrades. Bespoke software often ends up as a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Improved customer experience

Local authorities aren’t always known for their top customer service. If you want to set yourself apart from other areas in the country, we recommend investing in bespoke software for local authorities. This will help you to retain your customer information and ensure you keep on top of any issues you are facing.

No two companies require the same type of customer database, so we’ll work with you to make one that’s perfect for your needs. This will allow you to keep track of your customer data and filter them through your system as their issues resolve in the future.

Support is always available

A huge complaint we hear about off-the-shelf software is that there is little support on offer if something goes wrong. We design bespoke software for your systems, so you’ll likely need only minimal support. If something does go wrong, we’ll be here to help. No problem is too big or small for our team to deal with.

We’ll work with you to ensure everything is running smoothly. In the future, if you need updates, we can also assist with this. When technology develops, or new features are available, we can discuss if they are suitable additions for your business. We want your custom software to grow with your business, and we’ll be here to support you in the future.


Whether you are looking to expand your team or start serving a wider area, bespoke software is the right tool for you. We can add and remove features in the future to suit your current expectations. If you add more staff to your team, you’ll find that it’s easier to train them with this type of software. As you only have the features you use on a daily basis, you’ll find that you can scale your business and train new staff without distractions.


Bespoke software for local authorities is one of the best ways to keep your data safe and secure. You’ll find that this type of software is much more secure than typical products. A piece of bespoke software is only for use with your business. Therefore, hackers are much less likely to be able to find their way into your system. Standard software is known by companies worldwide. For that reason, the gaps in the system are much better known to cybercriminals. There’s nothing more concerning for local authorities than a data breach. Bespoke software is the tool that you need to help protect your business.

Final thoughts about bespoke software for local authorities

There are so many reasons why bespoke software for local authorities is the way to go in the future. Regardless of what department you work in currently, you’ll find it’s a valuable tool to protect your business. Check out our case study for Leicester City Council’s Highways department here or Passenger and Transport here. We recommend investing in bespoke software sooner than later to avoid issues for your company. You’ll notice that in no time at all, you are more productive, and your business is more secure. We can add and remove features you need on a daily basis. Therefore, the system we design is entirely to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information about creating bespoke software. We’ll be happy to suggest the best tools and features for your business. Our team of developers based in Peterborough, will be here to support you throughout the process.

BSPOKE Software - Local council employees using bespoke software for local authorities
BSPOKE Software - Local council employees using bespoke software for local authorities

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