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Manage business productivity with custom software

Custom software offers many benefits to business owners. The top one being, productivity which is one of the areas where companies often see the most improvements. As well as efficiency gains custom software will always have all the features you require, with none that you don’t. In this article, we’re going to share six of the best ways to manage business productivity with custom software.

1) Connect workforces in different areas

If you still have team members working from home or have offices spread across the country or the world, custom software gives you a great opportunity to connect these workforces. Instead of having to deal with endless email chains custom software could manage the work from start to finish. Team members will have a central place where they can add updates and share their work. This would also give project managers access to keep track of every team member’s productivity and work output. You’ll find that it helps to make everyone more accountable for their work, especially when they can see how much others are doing.

2) Incorporate other tools you are already using

Custom software can be built to work alongside some of the current tools that are critical for your business. This means you won’t have to stop using the current software you rely on as they can often be incorporated into your new custom software via the use of an API. Custom software offers you the chance to streamline processes, which will increase productivity.

3) Improve organisation

Organisation and efficiency work hand in hand. This is why improvement in organisation is one of the main reasons that companies opt to commission custom software. Employees waste hours of their time each week looking through spreadsheets or emails to find something they need. With custom software and a central database, this process will be much quicker and easier. This will mean that employees will be more efficient in their work and also won’t feel so frustrated. This will have a knock-on effect of improving the service that customers will receive, as staff will be able to assist quicker.

4) Components tailored to different departments

Depending on what type of custom software you create, we highly recommend that you offer multiple departments their own functionality. For instance, your finance team, may want the ability to invoice automatically and be alerted to payments received. Whereas your sales and marketing team may wish to have the functionality to track responses to marketing activities.

Some components may be shared,  for example, a CRM system could be beneficial to your customer service, HR, and marketing teams. However, shared data needs protecting so access to data at different levels can be granted to individual teams and users.

Custom software is a versatile solution that many departments in your business will be able to benefit from. So, we recommend you consult with your staff, to ascertain what current functionality is missing or needs improvements.

5) Required features

The best way to improve your productivity with custom software is to only add the features that you need. When you work with BSPOKE Software, our consultant will investigate your business processes with the aim of finding efficiency gains. Understanding your business domain and the way your team works will allow us to identify the features that would be most beneficial. This will ensure that we only build the features you truly need.

6) Communicate effectively with your team

Custom software allows leaders and managers in your organisation to connect with their team regularly. This communication improves productivity as staff will have a clearer idea about what your organisation is currently focusing on at this time and where they need to spend the majority of their effort.

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Custom software is something that businesses of all sizes can benefit from. Check out our past successes, where we have brought more productivity to other businesses. Contact our team today for more information about custom software and how it could help your business to become more productive this year.

BSPOKE Software - Business productivity by employing custom sofrtware
BSPOKE Software - Business productivity by employing custom sofrtware

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