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Using machine learning to advantage your business

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence and computer science. It uses data and algorithms to imitate the way in which humans learn. The more it is used and developed the more improvement of accuracy is gained.

An example

Machine learning can be used to enhance customer experience. Firstly algorithms can make classifications and predictions about how customers will act. Secondly, these predictions can be utilized to provide a personalized user experience.

Some machine learning providers

If you are wondering how to incorporate machine learning into your business, there are many options in the cloud. They can help you to build models that can be incorporated into your current business operations. Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from these services, so let’s take a look at what’s on offer:

  • Amazon AWS – Amazon Sagemaker will allow you to build and deploy machine learning models. You can deploy these on your own server, but it’s also an entire platform with included algorithms that you can use. It supports many of the top machine learning frameworks, such as Apache MXNet and TensorFlow.
  • Microsoft Azure – Offers you the option to build and train machine learning models, as well as choose various processes from the ones that are already on offer.
  • Google – Google has a machine learning platform called AI Platform. They have an AI Hub which offers plug-and-play use components, which are a great starting point for your projects. You can easily switch out different components if you are looking to save money, so it’s a good option for smaller businesses.

Ways companies are using it?

No matter what type of business you own and operate, you could use machine learning to improve your user experience. Therefore we have listed just a few of the top benefits you could gain by employing machine learning:

Continuous improvement

Machine learning offers you the chance to improve your operations continually. Many of the world’s largest companies use machine learning to collect a huge amount of data and learn more about their customers. Machine learning will show improvement as it continues to learn and receive more data.  It can then offer your customers better recommendations in the future and make their experience within your company even better. Customers love enjoying a more personalised experienced, and with machine learning, you’ll find this is easy to improve thanks to this solution.

Save time by automating

A great reason to use machine learning is that it helps to automate decision-making tasks. If you are still making some decisions about workplace processes manually, using it could save your company time and money.  A great example of machine learning that any company can use is responding to social media comments. It’s a great way to offer immediate replies, however ensure that auto-replies do not sound artificial.

Identify patterns

Machine learning helps us to identify patterns, classify data, and spot trends. Even if you are generating a huge amount of data, you’ll find that it will still make it much easier to find out what your customers are looking for from your business. Companies like Amazon use this every day to see trending search terms. You could use this on your company website to find out what your customers are most interested in buying. This technology can also be used to discover buying patterns over time and can then be used to promote the relevant products at the right time of the year.

Final thoughts

Your company is never too small to benefit from this type of technology, and we can only expect more businesses to use machine learning in the future. Our team will be happy to discuss how custom software can benefit your business moving forward and whether machine learning could be useful for you. Call today for a free software consultation.

BSPOKE Software - using machine learning for business and incorporated into custom software
BSPOKE Software - using machine learning for business and incorporated into custom software

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