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In the modern age, cyber security and data management are becoming increasingly important. Everyone is now interconnected via phones and data.  Ensuring that personal information and business documentation is safe at all times should be a top priority.

For businesses, in particularly sensitive sectors, such as finance or health services, this is an even more important issue that requires careful planning and consideration. For these organisations, one of the primary risks to data security is the lack of control provided by using third-party, off-the-shelf software tools; risks that can be avoided by the integration of bespoke software solutions instead.

At BSPOKE Software, we have spent the last decade perfecting our working process, working with sectors who manage highly sensitive data including local authorities and accounting businesses. Leveraging this experience, here are some of the main advantages of investing in a custom software solution from a cyber security perspective.

Access control

Whilst obvious, it’s important to cover all bases and mention the most important part of cyber security: access control. Access control is primarily handled in secure businesses via employee security checks alongside passwords, pins, cards or other authentication techniques.

Whilst this undoubtedly works, the use of external off-the-shelf software can provide another security risk: employees at third party businesses. Whatever software you use, it is managed by people. Those people often have access to customer account data, meaning that sensitive information can be accessed freely by users outside of the organisation. This leaves organisations at the mercy of external, unvetted individual employees – a potential data leak.

Custom software built internally or buy a dedicated software house drastically reduces this risk, ensuring that the only individuals capable of managing the system and accessing data are employees of the company.

Third-party loopholes and targeting

As mentioned previously, only specific individuals should have access to specific data.  Whilst passwords or pin codes can help maintain security, nefarious individuals can often look for other weaknesses to gain access to areas they shouldn’t.

This is particularly important when using off-the-shelf software. Whether it’s an industry-standard e-commerce platform or a marketing analytics tool, there’s a likelihood that whatever third party tool a business is using, hundreds or thousands of others use it, too. Whilst there can be comfort in using a popular tool that thousands trust, there is also risk involved.

Malicious hackers don’t always target a specific business, website or software. Often, they target the popular platforms, plugins or systems which these businesses use, probing for weakness and loopholes which they can exploit. Once these weaknesses are identified, this provides individuals with hundreds or thousands of targets instead of just one. Therefore, the individuals can then go to any organisation using that software and access it without permission, resulting in a data breach.

This is unavoidable for the business as the fault isn’t with them directly but with the tools they use. Yet clients and customers are unlikely to view it that way. Bespoke software solutions help avoid this by providing control and ensuring a business cannot be affected by an external organisation’s security breach.

Versatility and security integrations

Finally, custom software provides one major advantage over off-the-shelf solutions, and that’s versatility. For businesses that work with sensitive data, there are often additional regulations and legislation surrounding the security requirements of software.

Often, generic software doesn’t adhere to these security requirements and therefore, a dedicated software house creating completely bespoke software is the only option. Software houses can craft tailored solutions which incorporate any key security integrations, regulatory requirements or legal details needed.

How we help businesses

At BSPOKE, we specialise in providing a completely customised experience for our clients, tailoring everything we do to you and your requirements. Whether you require a specific pricing structure, additional consultations with key stakeholders or simply need consultation services for your existing software project, we are here to help.

With decades’ experience in highly sensitive, data-led industries, we ensure custom software is both safe and practical. Explore our case studies for examples of our previous work or contact our team to discuss your requirements.