For business owners, bespoke software is a serious investment. At BSPOKE, we understand that and pride ourselves on providing honest, unbiased advice; which is why many clients come to us wondering if they need a custom software solution at all.

Leveraging more than a decade of experience in a variety of sectors, the BSPOKE team have put together this guide on the most common reasons why a business should consider investing in a tailored software solution. Whether you’re completely unsure or simply want your inclination confirmed, we are here to help. If you find yourself needing more information or dedicated advice personalised to your project, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

When Off-the-Shelf Solutions Are Inhibiting Productivity

For most organisations, the idea of a bespoke software solution starts being considered when regular, off-the-shelf software cannot provide all the services required for smooth business operation. Even beyond this, a number of our clients approach us because off-the-shelf solutions are not only missing features but are actively inhibiting growth or productivity due to frustrating design or functionality.

Tools which prevent the next stage of growth for a business need to be culled to make room for innovation and expansion. In this case, if no suitable off-the-shelf options are available, a custom solution is the only logical next step.

When You Require Access to Greater Data

Successful business operation requires difficult decision making and one of the best ways to make those decisions easier is by leveraging data. Whether it’s website analytics, audience demographics or the lifetime value of a customer, data informs intelligent decision making and the more you can leverage, the better.

Often, off-the-shelf solutions provide access to a variety of data within their functionality. This can vary from intensely granular analysis to more general, top-level overviews. Each business utilises data slightly differently and depending on their business model, certain information which is desired may be unavailable via off-the-shelf platforms and will need to be calculated manually when required. This takes time and resources, something which every organisation looks to save.

Bespoke software grants you complete control over what data is collected, what metrics are calculated and how often they update, making it significantly easier to tailor dashboards and analytics to your organisation’s needs and preferences.

When Your Existing Software is Outdated

This applies to organisations which already use their own bespoke software, as well as those leveraging off-the-shelf solutions. As with all things, software has a lifespan. In the current age, technology is evolving at an exceptional speed and within a few years, most hardware, websites and software become outdated. This is often ignored for a short time but if left too long, can quickly hinder an organisation’s growth and productivity.

If your existing software solution is cluttered, poorly optimised from a UX perspective or has simply become ineffective due to mismanagement or years of use, a fresh new system will likely see a surge in productivity and effectiveness. Using your existing tool as a baseline, a software house – like the team here at BSPOKE – will easily be able to create a similar solution with much-needed updates, optimisations and improvements.

When You Are Being Gatekept By Price Increases

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a booming sector of the digital market. As move further and further into a completely digital working environment, data analytics – alongside the software which collects and interprets that data – is becoming essential for successful business operation. With this in mind, off-the-shelf software providers are finding themselves with greater and greater power as organisations realise they are dependent on these services to grow and succeed in the digital sphere. This can, unfortunately, lead to price increases – particularly for ‘credits’-based software that charges per use.

Often, investing in a bespoke software solution can save money for an organisation in the long term. Whilst the initial investment can be high depending on your project, this is quickly recuperated via the money saved on other software tools. In particular, custom solutions which complete the role of multiple tools can lead to a large reduction in business expense whilst also provided additional control and influence over updates or changes – which leads well onto the next key time your business may want to invest in bespoke software.

When Entering A Period of Rapid Growth

For a business, growth is always seen as a good thing. However, there’s no denying that rapid expansion comes with its challenges, particularly for organisations which rely on digital tools and services to generate revenue. Whatever the case, rapid growth is guaranteed to lead to changes in business operation and change requires flexibility; not just in employees but in the tools the business uses as well.

Off-the-shelf software is extremely inflexible. For growing businesses, typical software options tend to be limited to a very specific core offering which will rarely change or improve. Additionally, faults in the software can take time to be fully fixed, time which rapidly growing organisations can rarely afford to lose.

With this in mind, investing in a custom software solution grants growing businesses complete control over their tools. The software can be updated, changed, improved and fixed as and when needed, with features added or amended as the business requires. It’s this flexibility and scalability which makes bespoke software so invaluable.

When Concerned About Cybercrime

Finally, for businesses which collect particularly sensitive information or are especially fearful of being victims to cybercrime, using external third-party software can feel like a security risk. In these cases, a completely bespoke software solution can prevent the need to transfer sensitive data elsewhere and allows for the management of data security internally, making it easier to keep information safe and abide by any security law at play.

Discuss Your Project with the BSPOKE Software Team Today

Whilst these are far from the only times when a custom software solution might be suitable for your business, they are some of the most common. If you are still unsure about whether bespoke software is right for you or if you simply want to discuss your project with our team of highly-qualified experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, take a look at our case studies for real-world examples of how bespoke software has supported our clients.