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Dark mode – the latest trend in software

Dark mode is the latest trend in the world of software development. Many of our custom software development clients are opting for this as a standard or adding the option to switch. However, various other applications and software are beginning to implement this feature, too. So, with this in mind, this blog post will discuss dark mode in more detail.

What is dark mode?

Dark mode is when you set your text to be a lighter colour, with the background of your software, website or app to a darker colour. This is the polar opposite of the conventional way of creating custom software or websites. You may also find an option to switch between the two different modes.  There is likely a setting on your smartphone for dark mode, and you might choose to use this option at night when you don’t want to look at such a bright screen. Some users are now using this option all of the time, and even though it’s not a new development, it’s been gaining more attention in recent years.

What are the benefits?

For smartphone users, there are many great benefits of using dark mode. This is why many people are opting to use this option permanently. Dark mode is great for conserving battery life, with the same applying if using on an OLED screen. Many of us find ourselves feeling frustrated when it comes to the short battery life of our phones or devices. Therefore, although the change is not significant, this feature can improve battery life when no charger is available.  The black pixels on these screens don’t use any power, but unfortunately, this isn’t the same for LED screens.

The addition of dark mode may also improve eye health and reduce eye strain. In particular, this may benefit those who struggle to sleep, similar to a reduction in blue light. (Although not quite as significant.) The bright (or regular) mobile screen produces a high volume of blue light. This can create restlessness and feelings of exhaustion. Reducing this strain is key, improving health and overall well-being. Dark mode could be the solution to many problems, however, many software packages are yet to implement this feature.

Finally, many companies are opting to use dark mode as it looks much more attractive than typical designs. If you struggle to view green, yellow, or orange, you’ll find that black makes it much easier to read for many users. You’ll also discover that your website looks much more attractive and gains more attention from potential customers. It’s a win, win!

Who should use dark mode on their website or app?

So, should you be investing in dark mode for your software or website? You’ll find that this decision depends on a variety of different components. For example, your target audience, brand’s look and feel, and current accessibility options. This trend might not be suitable for all companies. However, it is something to consider if a company is looking to attract a younger audience. (Or to generally be more accessible as a whole.) Despite this, upgrading will, of course, require an investment. Therefore, it’s important to justify the purchase and confirm with your audience beforehand. The upgrade is likely an excellent upgrade, but if not justified, there are other options available. For instance, consider adapting a current website design or software package to further improve accessibility.

On the other hand, this isn’t a good option for anyone with visual impairment. So, if your company offers medical services or anything similar, you might struggle to use this mode. It also isn’t ideal for older audiences who may struggle to read the text. It’s all about thinking about your audience and deciding whether light or dark mode is the best option. If you are aiming to target an older demographic, then stick with light mode. You could opt to switch between modes, and that would be ideal for a mixed audience. Furthermore, some users may choose to use light mode in the daytime and then switch to the darker mode in the evening. Adding this option for your team is crucial – perhaps even improving productivity and the health of your employees.

Stand out from your competition 

Following on from this, a great reason to upgrade this year is to stand out from your competition. If you find that the majority of your website users are browsing at night, you’ll find that they will spend more time browsing your website and learning about everything your company has to offer. You’ll want to ensure dark mode goes well with your company guidelines and logo so that your branding will still stand out. You could upgrade your logo if needed to fit with the dark mode or opt to add it onto a white background.

Updating your website or software to add dark mode

BSPOKE Software will be happy to take on the job of switching over your site to dark mode. This job is something we’ll be able to complete on any website. But the amount of time it will take might be dependent on the complexity of your site. You can also implement this feature in software, too – something you should also consider. We’ll be happy to assess your current site and then work with you to upgrade your website and create a modern and stylish aesthetic for you to showcase to the world.

For more information about upgrading your website or software to add dark mode, contact our team today, or view our previous successes here.

BSPOKE Software - tablet showing dark mode, the latest trend in custom software development
BSPOKE Software - tablet showing dark mode, the latest trend in custom software development

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