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How technology can streamline your business

Advancements in technology have been truly ‘awesome’ in recent years, resulting in streamlined business operations, increasing clients and landing more sales. However, many businesses are guilty of not really using technology as much as they could be, missing out productivity and efficiency improvements.

You may be wondering – can technology actually increase sales? Yes – as the main goal of technology is to simplify customer interaction allowing consumers to go from A to Z in the fastest possible time.

However, poor customer service – which includes using outdated technology – may be putting your customers off and effectively driving them to your competition.  It’s therefore essential to update your systems, allowing you to compete in whatever market you may find yourself in.

This article discusses how technology can increase sales and streamline your business, beginning with a little information on cloud computing.

Cloud computing is where it’s at

Firstly, if your business hasn’t already switched over to cloud computing and cloud-based applications, then you’re missing out. Nowadays, there are hundreds of online programs and productivity platforms for businesses, including Google Drive, Microsoft Teams and

Transitioning to a cloud-based approach presents several key benefits, including effective collaboration, increased accessibility and in most cases, reduced costs. If you would like to find out more information regarding cloud computing, you can read our full article on this by clicking here.

Email lists are not dead

Many digital thought-leaders think that email lists are dead but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t manage or publish to your email list regularly, you’re missing out.

Creating a list is an excellent way to establish trust with your audience, turning them into customers down the line. You don’t have to send daily emails, just one or two emails a month is plenty to keep your audience in the loop.

Furthermore, think of an email list as the backbone of your business. If perhaps you find you’re suddenly not generating business, you can rely on your email list to produce new leads and sales.

Custom software equals an ‘ideal’ customer experience

The goal of any enterprise is to create the kind of business that essentially delivers exactly what your customer expects. This can be difficult to achieve. However, the use of technology can make this easier.

For example, you can use custom software to deliver an optimal experience, especially if your business requires consumers to use this software themselves: the easier and more straightforward the input, the better.

You can further tailor a custom experience by using other technology e.g. utilising targeted ads, following up with clients via email, and setting up automated systems to create the best possible user experience. Not to mention making your job easier and more efficient.

Increased productivity

Creating a productive workplace should be a top priority for your business. There are several ways to do this, with methods constantly changing – so you’ll need to adapt to these. However, the overarching goal of implementing new technology is to increase productivity.

With many employers transitioning to a remote work environment, advancements in technology are key to keeping businesses operating as usual. Additionally, custom software can further increase productivity, taking care of tedious jobs that can be done by computer like following up invoices or other statistical tasks.

Focus on making your customers’ lives easier

Regardless of what business you’re involved in, you should focus on making your customers’ lives better. This could typically include promotions, creating a user-friendly app to order items or something as simple as offering contactless card payment for purchases in-store.

Whatever you do as a business, focus on using technology to make your clients’ lives that little bit easier.

Don’t forget about social media

One of the most popular methods of advertising is social media. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn widely used for business opportunities, tapping into these platforms is essential.

Not only can you interact with your current audience, but you can also set up targeted ads for as little as $1 per day to direct more users to your website. This is an invaluable tool, and one of the best value-for-money advertisement forms available, especially when compared to TV ads and the cost associated with these.

It’s all about your website

If your website looks like something from the 90s, it’s time to make a change. Your website is the hub of your business, especially if your business is entirely digital. Give it a refresh or more user-friendly layout with an easy-on-the-eye design.

If you don’t know how to create or edit your website yourself, contact a professional web design expert to help you. This is the best asset your business has, so don’t neglect the power of a beautifully crafted and fully responsive website.

Embrace the new

Many businesses are lagging behind when it comes to technology. Heck, some businesses still do their accounts by paper and pen!  In an environment where remote work is the new norm, it’s essential that your business transitions to new technology, allowing you to increase sales and streamline business operations.

One of the decisions you can make for your business is upgrading to custom software. In many cases, more cost efficient than you think. To find out more information, contact the BSPOKE Software team by clicking here.

Laptop on table displaying website next to a cup of coffee
Laptop on table displaying website next to a cup of coffee

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