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How to improve workplace productivity

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity. The more productive your employees, the more clients you’ll potentially land, and essentially, the more money you’ll make.

It goes without saying that productivity should be a top priority in all workplace environments, whether running a coffee shop or chain of restaurants. However, many employers struggle to motivate and help employees reach their full potential.

In the recent pandemic environment, productivity in the ‘digital workplace’ has never been more important. Most staff now work from home, balancing schooling within a new environment while working. Provide your employees with systems and strategies that keep them focused.

This article will provide you and your business with actionable methods to increase productivity in the workplace.

Delegating tasks

Firstly, if you are a relatively small business, you may have gotten into the habit of tackling most tasks yourself. This is inefficient and is what you’re employees are there for, so set them new tasks that you may not have done in the past.

Delegating tasks balances your workload, allowing you to focus on different projects or other responsibilities. With one or more people working on the same project it gives a fresh perspective on things, exactly what your business needs.

Go fully digital

Second, if your business is not fully digital or cloud-based yet, then now’s the time to make the transition. There are many benefits to working online, all of which are now more important under remote working conditions.

Nowadays, virtually all programs, documents and operations can be run and accessed online whether through a custom portal or software such as Microsoft Teams or Google Drive. You could also consider investing in custom software, as it too can be accessed remotely, increasing productivity further.

Going digital is the new norm, allowing employees to work efficiently from home, enabling effective collaboration, and increasing workplace efficiency, whether working from home or office environment.

To find out more regarding switching to a cloud-based business, read our article by clicking here.

Invest in custom software

Whatever kind of business you’re running, you have the option of investing in custom software. Custom software is exactly as it sounds: software designed specifically for your business and individual needs. It’s the best way to increase productivity, in most cases removing the need for, or reducing human input, simplifying various processes and procedures, and streamling your entire business operation.

Despite this, many businesses overlook custom software, perhaps thinking it’s probably too expensive or that their ‘more generic’ software is good enough. However, even the smallest companies, and some charities are now implementing custom software to streamline operations and increase revenue.

Put your employees happiness first

A mistake many employers make is not putting their employees happiness first. Taking some time to listen and provide attention to key people can be ultimately very rewarding.

Make sure you prioritise your employees’ job satisfaction. This could be by providing them that extra day off to watch their child at an event, granting additional holidays, or listening to their concerns,

Studies have proven that employees who are want to work for you will do a better job and be more productive. So, take the time to ask your employees what you can do for them – it’s about finding a balance for both parties.

Implement goal setting

Chances are, as an employer you’re already somewhat used to goal setting. However, we’re not talking about the longer-term goals, but about micro-goals that compound into macro goals.

For example, you can set weekly goals for employees, perhaps with an incentive to spend more time and energy on their work. Perhaps you host an ‘Employee of the Week’ award every week, with the winner receiving a small bonus, additional vacation day, hamper, etc.  Intrinsically linking these two concepts is a great way to increase motivation and productivity.

Improve workplace communication

The final tip we have for you is to focus on improving workplace communication. Improving this communication allows employees to bounce off one another, working smarter than before.

One way to improve this is to use a collaboration platform such as Google Docs for simple tasks. Users can comment on other staff’s documents, leaving feedback and criticism that can then be improved in real-time.

Look for ways to streamline your communication and you’ll definitely see an increase in productivity.

The bottom line

Improving productivity in the workplace environment, whether working from home, at the office or a mix of both is no easy task. However, the results are deeply beneficial for both your employee, and your business as a whole.

Consider implementing some of the tips from this article to see instant results.

If you’re debating buying custom software, we can help with free consultations. At BSPOKE Software, we create custom software for businesses of all kinds, from small, large and to multinationals.  We help organisations streamline their processes and operations to increase productivity and efficiency.

To contact the BSPOKE Software team, click here.

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