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Website development costs

If you perform a search online to ask how much website development costs, you’ll find the answers vary dramatically. Of course, many different considerations alter the total cost of a development project. Aspects such as the overall design, the number of features, and the number of website pages will all add up to increase the cost of your website development project. This article will take a deeper look into the cost of developing a website, so you know what to expect to pay the next time you’re revamping your company’s website.

Building a Website – What influences the cost of a website?

The cost of building a website will depend entirely on where you are based in the world, who is building your site, and what features you require. On average, development costs start at around $8,500 and increase to over $35,000. However, these prices will vary depending on the developers you use. Many companies opt to outsource this project to a company overseas, which can drop the price considerably. Multiple areas make up the price of your website development project, which we’ll break down in this guide today.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is an aspect of website development that can’t be overlooked, and is just as important as the back-end engineering. This process begins by researching the target audience and analysing competitors’ sites. From there, a wireframe and a prototype can be constructed, which will allow the client to see what the finished product will look like. Prices vary drastically in this area, starting as low as about $750 and increasing to between $4,000 and $5,000. This area will be influenced by similar aspects to the overall website design, such as the number of pages on the site and the overall complexity of the website’s design and features.

Content Management System

The content management system, also known as the admin panel, allows the client to edit and update the website once it is created. Even for companies that aren’t particularly tech-savvy, it’s important to update information about prices, services, and anything else a customer may need to know in the future. A good website will be constantly updated to keep up-to-date with the changes within your business. A variety of content management systems, such as WordPress or Shopify, are commonly used for this reason. However, many companies opt for a custom-built content management system for security reasons. If you do opt for a custom content management system, expect this to set you back in the region of between $3,000 and $10,000.

Front-End Developments Costs

The front end development costs usually range from $1,000 to over $10,000. A variety of different technology options are employed for this reason, such as JavaScript or HTML. The front end development refers to everything that your visitors interact with on your site, such as logging in to your customer portal. This stage usually follows the UI/UX design stage, when developers turn the prototypes into your actual website. Costs increase during this stage when QA engineers are employed, and they will work to minimise the chance of bugs and errors occurring in the future. The higher costs associated with this development stage are generally due to complex websites featuring heavy animations and a highly adaptive website.

Back-End Development Costs

The final piece of the website development puzzle is back-end development. Expect to pay a minimum of $4,000, stretching up to over $10,000 once again for this area. The back-end development ensures that anything your website users interact with functions without any error or delay. There’s nothing more frustrating for a website user than sites full of bugs which are impossible to use. The back-end development is usually considered to be the most crucial aspect of website development, and without it, the rest of the work and expense of your website development project will be redundant. This is often the most lengthy part of the website development process, as the site will need to be integrated with third-party services and it may need more complex data processing.

Website Development Costs by Type of Website

On top of the considerations we listed above, certain types of website generate higher development costs. E-commerce sites are generally the most costly option due to the number of hours of work involved in their construction. Expect an e-commerce site to take up to 750 hours of development time, which is why they often generate a cost of over $35,000. On the other hand, a simple landing page should take only a maximum of 50 hours to create. Therefore, its cost shouldn’t be more than $2,500. A business website will land somewhere in between the two of these options and usually costs in the region of $10,000 to create. Once again, these costs will be heavily influenced by the complexity of your website design and the features present on the site.

Additional Costs to Consider

The charges involved with creating a website don’t stop at the development costs. Firstly, you’ll need to register your domain name, which you’ll need to pay an annual fee to keep. Hosting your site is the next cost to consider, and this will ensure your website runs smoothly every day of the year. This cost can set you back up to $200 a year and is something you need to pay for the length of time you want your site to be online. Finally, one cost that shouldn’t be overlooked is the maintenance fee for updating your website. Depending on the complexity and size of your website, this may be a small cost each year but could also stretch up to tens of thousands of dollars.

In conclusion

 Website development is certainly not a cheap or quick project. However, prices vary widely depending on the complexity and time involved in creating your website. Most companies find website development costs well worth the money, and paying for a professional website developer can transform your business’s online offerings and set you apart from your competitors.

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