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How to find the perfect app developer for your business

When considering developing a new app, one of the first steps is to find the perfect developer to work with your business. However, there’s so much more to finding the best app developer than just their technical knowledge. While you may be impressed by someone’s portfolio and previous work, you’ll also want to consider their style of working, availability, and communication when finding the perfect match for you. Keep reading to learn about how to find the perfect app developer for your business this year.

Determine your needs

Before you even begin the hunt for your app developer, we encourage you to take the time to consider your requirements. There’s no point engaging in conversations with potential developers when you aren’t certain about what you require. Having a good idea of your concept, the issue you are trying to solve, and your target audience will help you align with the best developers for your needs. You don’t want to use an app developer who works in a completely different sector to the one you are targeting, and by having your needs clearly defined, you’ll be able to have detailed discussions to find the perfect match for your business.

Decide how you want to employ your app developer

The next challenge in finding an app developer is how you want to employ them. You have a few options to choose from: hiring a freelancer, bringing someone into your team, or outsourcing. These all have their benefits and drawbacks, and you’ll need to figure out your budget and requirements to decide which of these options best fits your business needs. If your app is just a one-off project, you might want to consider freelancers. This is generally the best value-for-money option, and you’ll be able to tap into a wide selection of talent.

For larger and longer projects, hiring in-house or remotely can be a good solution. However, this is generally a much more expensive and time-consuming process, which is why it’s only recommended for long-term work. If you want to have more control over the production process and keep communication within your company, this is a good solution. You’ll need to account for the lengthy hiring process that may be involved, which may delay the start of your project.

Finally, consider using an agency or app development company. This is a quick and easy solution that you can get started with very quickly. Many companies opt for overseas developers if they are taking this route, as it can generally be more affordable. This comes with its own set of drawbacks and communication concerns, so you’ll want to think very carefully before going down this path.

Ask for recommendations

Once you’ve decided on the best hiring option for your business, we always recommend asking colleagues or businesses you have good relationships with for recommendations. You’ll be able to find app developers they’ve used in the past and had a good experience with. We think this is by far the most secure way to find a new app developer, especially when the recommendation comes from someone you trust. They’ll be able to tell you about their working process and communication skills, which are key elements to consider when hiring an app developer.

Review their experience

The first area you’ll want to review when comparing app developers is their experience. Ask app developers about their previous work experience, frameworks they use, and programming languages. This is particularly important when building apps for a certain platform, as some developers are more experienced in one language or component than another. Furthermore, If you are working within a very niche industry, try to find someone who has the knowledge and an interest in the industry, as they’ll be far more understanding about what you are trying to create. You’ll also want to discuss your ideas for features and the type of app you are aspiring to create to see their reaction and feedback to your ideas.


If there’s one area we encourage you to place the most emphasis on, it’s searching for an app developer with good communication skills. For anyone who is planning to use a developer who is based in another city or country from your business, this is even more critical. Speak to developers on the phone, by video call, and by email to see how they react to different communication methods. Just a short call with video can soon help you get a feel for how good their communication will be. Their written communication is also essential to test, which can easily be done by a few emails back and forth. This is one of the areas which results in projects quickly becoming delayed, so ensure communication is tested before deciding on the developer for your project.

Time and budget

Before beginning the search for a developer, we always recommend having a very clear timeline and budget in mind. It’s okay to know you have some flexibility, but this isn’t something you want to leave to chance. Be very straightforward with potential app developers about your expectations for the deadline and the hours you expect them to work. There’s no point entering into a contract with someone if you have any concerns about their commitment to your work. If you also believe you’ll need long-term support with the app, ensure this is discussed now as well. Your budget must also be agreed in advance to ensure you don’t experience any additional costs or contract issues further down the line.

Where to from here?

All of these factors together will help you to find an app developer who will be compatible with your business and project. While it can be tempting to cut costs or adjust your needs, try to always stick to your initial plans to create an app that will be an effective tool for your company moving forward. By taking the time to ask for recommendations for app developers and then checking out their communication skills, you are bound to find someone who meets all of your expectations and needs for your next project.

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