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Case Study: Streamlining Grant Claims with Custom Digital Forms


Custom digital forms are dynamic tools designed to streamline processes by digitizing traditional paperwork. In this exploration, we’ll uncover how these innovative solutions are reshaping the landscape of form production and completion.


Smart Home Charge, a leading UK charger installer, partnered with us, BSPOKE Software, a custom software development company, aiming to streamline the process of claiming government grants for charger installations. With a focus on reducing paperwork and enhancing efficiency for both their team and their customers, Smart Home Charge sought innovative solutions to overcome the challenges they faced.


Smart Home Charge customers encountered a daunting and time-consuming task when completing UK government grant applications. The manual paperwork proved to be a significant source of frustration, causing delays and inefficiencies in processing grant claims. As a result, Smart Home Charge recognized the need to modernize their approach to grant applications to improve the experience for both their staff and their customers.

Solution: Custom Digital Form Development by BSPOKE Software

Having previously developed Smart Home Charge’s software system, they quickly reached out to us BSPOKE Software, to tackle the challenge of grant claims completions. Working closely with Smart Home Charge, we crafted a solution that allowed staff to complete most of the form on behalf of the customer. This significantly reduced the workload for customers, leaving them with just checking, signing, and uploading relevant documents.

Key Features Implemented:

  • Pre-Populated Forms: BSPOKE Software created interfaces for staff to fill out, ensuring they had all required customer details. Subsequently, this information would automatically populate the digital form for the customer to complete, with over three-quarters of the information already filled in.
  • User-Friendly Forms: BSPOKE Software created user-friendly digital forms, ensuring ease of use for customers to review, edit, and upload any relevant documentation.
  • Data validation: Customers would receive alerts in case of missing information or if the data was inputted incorrectly.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Customers had the flexibility to fill out the form on any device, be it a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Effortless Submission: The system stored completed forms for easy upload to the government website, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and saving time and storage space.
  • Digital Signatures and Document Upload: Customers could digitally sign forms and upload documents directly through the platform, removing the necessity for physical signatures and storage.

Results: Improved Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

The implementation of custom digital forms led to significant improvements for Smart Home Charge:

  • Streamlined Workflows: The new digital processes reduced paperwork and manual effort, resulting in faster handling times and improved efficiency.
  • Happy Customers: Customers appreciated the simplified digital forms, leading to higher satisfaction rates and an improved overall experience.
  • Prepared for Growth: With a streamlined process in place, Smart Home Charge was ready for future growth and expansion in the electric vehicle charging market.

Conclusion: Driving Success Through Innovation

By leveraging custom digital forms developed by BSPOKE Software, Smart Home Charge transformed their grant claim process, reducing paperwork and improving efficiency. This collaboration demonstrates the power of innovative solutions to streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

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Aside: Why Custom Software is Better than Off-the-Shelf:

This custom solution wouldn’t have been achievable with off-the-shelf software. Typically, off-the-shelf software comes with generic features that may not align with the specific needs of businesses like Smart Home Charge. When a unique requirement arises, such as completing a new government grant, ready-made software simply falls short.

Custom software, on the other hand, provides direct access to developers for tailored changes and updates, offering greater control. In essence, custom software enhances efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. It becomes an ideal choice for streamlining processes and improving overall efficiency.

3 phone screens showing the power of custom digital forms
3 phone screens showing the power of custom digital forms

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